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Sambo MSc May 17
Movie to all friends is " 3 idiots"
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Cas Becher 🛡 12h
I’ve been working on my room garden!! The two little sprouts are sunflowers! The taller sprout is named Sappho and the shorter Shakespeare. Please give NAME SUGGESTIONS for the basil plant (bunch of lil sprouts) in the metal tin!
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Yoohoo May 18
Replying to @YoohooNews
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Viral Bake May 20
Exit Polls Narendra Modi Is Set To Return In Power
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Leah Sullivan May 14
Good songs to play on piano??
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Nihar Mehta May 20
off beat towns, villages,places and monuments to not miss in Gujarat.
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✩ 𝒥o𝓈𝑒 𝒜𝑅𝒯 ✩ ♛ May 19
I’m not with anyone here and I haven’t left yet jeez. They already know what my plan is ok. And they already knew that without me saying anything from the past. Don’t insinuate. That’s what I want/ed.
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Prof(Dr). Anand Kar May 19
In the age of in which has also progressed much, @Election/ system can be made much simpler.If or @ElkectionCommission_ is interested, it can discuss with the experts/ University people to find out how.I TOO CAN .
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Ikeokwu Chidozie May 17
Replying to @CACCOT1
My opinion: The concept hasn’t been sold as Business; we anticipate things we haven’t built Model: I & you can take regions & develop businesses there to go Continental; then move as ‘Large entities’ to it to Gov’t Business controls region
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Mid Yorks Research May 13
Got an idea to help volunteers ? Why not follow the link and it on this
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Sarah Thérèse May 20
I have never seen a single minute of a lot of people seem to be with it at the moment, so may I that the show could have been had they removed all the and cast as that one girl.
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Moicano Mc May 14
In this life u can have one chance: or will have the love or the money. Both u can't have. Choose which is better to u! No other ways, trust me.
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Sergio Mata Pardo May 16
A handy tool to create interactive content at
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Manoj Pandey May 12
I dont , I had been and is being taken. one should also what is and what can be , we have to to make our better.
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#보이프렌드 가사 봇⭐ 2h
"거기까지 해 너 stop. 고집 그만 부리고 말 들어" - 미니 3집 [민우part]
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Joselyn Ruiz 7h
Hola por qué no sacan combos para el partido contra Melgar y contra Unión Española? En ambos necesitamos mucho aliento para continuar en carrera
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Mohammad Astafa Khan 15h
Dear all folks, I have mentioned Taruni Pandey patel who is in of needed job(for the HR profiel) in navi mumbai. any one can suggest or refer. thanks Preferred location is only Navi Mumbai
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