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BuildingConnections May 14
An ultimate vision of what can work. - consistently thought thru with minimum-energy use
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Jeremy Nicholls May 14
Partially agree, but not about central govt. Some European states (eg France) are centralised, but few have such a concentration of power as we have in Westminster. Maybe this is why we see Brussels as just another, more remote govt. It's not, though. It's bound by .
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Christus Resurrexit! Delta Flute🇻🇦 May 16
If you think compassion starts with the government taking care of people, then you are doing compassion wrong. It starts with the smallest unit, family, and works it’s way from there.
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Old Life May 18
"reporting abuse to the police, for example, should not be required everywhere. In places where Catholics are a persecuted minority, it would do little to ensure justice—and perhaps put the lives of priests at risk" anyone?
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Take America Back May 21
needs to show why all these are not a good thing. Why small is better government
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Richard Preece May 20
🤔 The principle of is helpful ... only do at National if it can’t be done well enough at Regional, only do at Regional if it can’t be done well enough at ICS, etc And focus on a system that is enabling and oriented to self care
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Klaus Traunspurger May 14
Replying to @EUCommonSense
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blinger2084 May 16
Replying to @EWErickson
Or work to change the laws in your state, which is infinitely easier than changing federal law.
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Euro Babble May 21
Our next analysis for the deals with the and their programme for . What exactly does mean?
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John Mirisch 18 Apr 18
Local control isn’t “biblical” says . Good policy generally isn’t “biblical.” But let’s at least guarantee and protect it with an amendment to our state constitution. Decisions should be made closer to home.
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John Mirisch 20 Apr 18
The more one looks at supporters' and Twitter activity, the more it's clear that they subscribe to the Ben Tre school of urban planning: they feel it's necessary to "destroy the village to save the village."
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Colombe Cahen-Salvador May 21
Replying to @VoltEuropa
3/ This , based on , will ensure a true working for all citizens! Here is our full programme for the :
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The EU🇪🇺 respects regional necessities & follows principle of in dialogue with local stakeholders in the , says Director Stefan Depypere
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EA group - CoR Mar 14
. summit of and in where says we need real and active to involve regions more. He also called on the EU to mediate and ensure dialogue to find a solution for
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Steve Mouzon 26 Dec 17
is a fancy word for “the people affected by a decision should be the ones making the decision, not a larger group.” This is especially important in the governing of regions, cities, neighborhoods, blocks, and households. This rule avoids much unnecessary conflict.
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Maria ✞ Nov 18
Replying to @TaylorRMarshall @USCCB
I was so proud of our parish today after YEARS of collecting for CCHD, this Sunday they took up a second collection for our local food bank instead! Yay.
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Solidarity Party USA 28 Nov 17
Celebrate and : share your favorite local charity with other followers for
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Serafín Pazos-Vidal Apr 29
Just presented my book “ and Multilevel Governance Actors Networks and Agendas” at Political Science Faculty Programme on European and Global Studies. Thanks to Professor Dr. Ekaterina Domorenok for the kind invitation.
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Momma Speaks Sep 14
Dear : As one Jesuit-educatee to another re and local control or : School districts have failed for 2+ decades to solve the problem of too-early school hours for teens. It’s time for a higher power (you) to intervene and establish .
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ECEAP Sep 24
The key to local economic development lies in strengthening local and regional authorities via & applying the pinciple of . With the conclusion of today’s 8th annual , Kyiv 🇺🇦 passes the torch to Yerevan 🇦🇲.
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