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Saskboy Feb 6
Replying to @RosieBarton
Let's hope not, for the sake of our climate.
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“‘For both short and long-term reasons, the state of Washington stands with, I believe, the people of British Columbia expressing concerns about this project.’”
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Running On Climate 🎞️ Jan 30
Minority BC govt still in play - wins in Nanaimo.
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The Perfidious SH Jan 18
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Orca S※O※S Jan 31
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: “Conducting a misleading campaign with taxpayer’s money is the antithesis of what is required.”
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Collin Rees Jan 31
BREAKING: 's Canadian gov't overpaid by up to a BILLION dollars for tar sands oil pipeline. Using taxpayer dollars to bail out a climate-wrecking boondoggle isn't climate leadership. It's climate disaster.
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Saskboy Feb 3
Replying to @PremierScottMoe
The NDP actually doesn't say they'll oppose pipelines, so your tweet makes them sound like a More attractive option than even their own position does. And your ranting against the is a national embarrassment & money waster, while we need reduced emissions now.
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nancy180 Feb 18
We need to ban pesticides esp rat poison and ban lead shot!!
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Sychophant - Thug Feb 10
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Sierra Club BC Jan 23
says the significant and harmful impacts of its increased oil tanker traffic on endangered orca whales are justified because... well, money! Oil profits!
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Youth Rising 2h
Replying to @YouthRising2030
“The ridiculously short timeline, the limited scope of the review, and limited testing of evidence made this re-do even worse than the first hearing.”
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SilversidesFishing Jan 29
in court fighting against re: Trans Mountain pipeline! Obviously he doesn't care about our wild salmon or Marine life. Tell the BC government: Use all the tools in your toolbox to stop Trans Mountain!
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Sebelius29 Jan 30
, , and the mayor of will be havigna massive fit now that the BC NDP has won in . BC still says NO to dirty tar sands and pipelines.
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Mike Hudema Feb 3
“If the environment were a bank it would have been saved by now.”
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nancy180 Feb 14
So anti pollution folks are now labeled radicals?? No, get a grip. Coal is done and oil is going too!!
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nancy180 Feb 20
Your Ottawa reporter is wearing a poor slaughtered animal around her neck. Please ask her to educated herself about the unbelievable cruelty of fur farms, many countries are banning them. BTW, those trucks are illegally idling causing pollution.
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Sailing Infidels Jan 15
Maybe Alberta can just go fuck themselves!
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Mike Hudema Feb 6
We can literally roll out panels like a rug. Why are we still talking about coal and pipelines? Let's get moving! RT if its time to go .
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Bernadette Keenan Feb 17
So is changing polluters the plan to recover the losses on that pipeline?
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