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bubba bell 45m
Replying to @peleewhynot
I remember when you told us leaf fans to when we talked about our prospects
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Tennishu 2h
Talking shit on something you don’t like is giving it free promo. Talk about the stuff you like.
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Momo Goldring 30m
Replying to @AndrewScheer
You, on the other hand, , wanna give a reach around to big oil and big business and the rich. Let average Canadians count themselves lucky to get $9 / month off on their home heating bill - so long as they
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edinburghbecca 16h
your party does not represent all of Scotland! Really wish your party would stop saying that! And not all Scots want your stupid 2nd indyref...didnt even want the 1st one!
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L30n@  ♿🍒🌹🇪🇺#GTTO 16h
Sounds like someone is having a monster party in the postcode.
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karla 14h
Dead. You discriminate on 🏳️‍🌈 community because of your religion yet you post about being drunk 😵
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Ali 4h
Replying to @Banks @TTfue
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Ned Luke 2h
is where I gotta draw the line on the Hollywood actor as activist nonsense. To call a has been F-Lister just because his political views differ from yours? Who's really trying to stay relevant here? You couldn't carry his SAG card Milano
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Toenail Clippings May 26
4/19/16: Just saying that you did not mean for your comment to sound racist does not negate the inherent racism of your comment.
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lilbitch May 26
A whore is a whore, whether it is a male whore or female whore;
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. May 26
Replying to @UzairPD
WOW xx
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Mark Schwagner 16h
She's a opportunist and needs to ! "-Founded Neocon Group Quietly Scrubbed From The Internet" via
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★MegaSorsh★ 20h
Omfg just call a bitch if your gonna text me this much ! 🤯🤦🏻‍♀️
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Matthew G 56m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Cpl. Bone Spurs.
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KS 15h
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🇮🇳 ɖʀ. ք. ʋ. ӄǟռɛȶӄǟʀ 🇮🇳 2h
Replying to @the_hindu
he should do all of us a favor by
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Papalati 22h
Love it when you buy something sold by and the item and checkout says prime delivery within 2 days and when you finally get shipping notice it says it will take a week. So much for Prime delivery AND I can't cancel it. Ugh.
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IamSuzie 21h
How are you gonna talk shit on a but wanna smoke cigarettes as soon as you wake up?
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sarahstfu 19h
We in the pjs and doing some doom! Hype!! should i finish that level now?
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Wim Van den Eynde 24h
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