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🇺🇸Guglielmucci Wines🇮🇹 Nov 24
Finally got a transfer pump to move the wine. Was able to move and test 50 gallons today. 25 Steuben and 25 Concord.
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🇺🇸Guglielmucci Wines🇮🇹 Feb 5
Doing some filtering today. Filtered fours levels two batches 25 gallons of Steuben and 25 gallons of concord.
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🇺🇸Guglielmucci Wines🇮🇹 Sep 8
Wine game has begun. Just picked up 400lbs of Steuben grapes. Getting 400 lbs of Concord tomorrow. Then waiting on 400 lbs of Muscadine.
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🇺🇸Guglielmucci Wines🇮🇹 Sep 12
Fermentation of Concord and Steuben grapes 🍇 In process.
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