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Rocktober dreamer 33m
Replying to @TMB_Kwab
I used to roll into work hungover 1-2 days a week, easily. I don’t know how I did it. I would keel over and die if I tried to do it now. Kwab ❤️
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StayStrong💪🇬🇭🇯🇲 28m
Replying to @efiaodo1
forget everybody let them say whatever they have to say 'In every disgrace there's grace'
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Strizzzyeverywhere 1h
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Is It Just Me? 8m
7.5 days of to go Still looking for people to sponsor me though Doing this in memory of my Dad xx
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FierceMotivationNJ 10m
Learn how NOT to choke. This Trick Will Keep You From Choking Under Pressure |
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Brometheus Benzo 23h
Replying to @ANI
Pakistan has no guts to face India & now is openly threatening Afghanistan by implying that all the Terrorists which Pakistan houses inside its territory will be let loose into Afghanistan & destabilize the Afghan Peace talks.The World is watching you Pakistan.Afghans
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Replying to @DisneyNerdHerd
We will pray for Charlie. Stay strong.
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CringKaii (ia - review) 2h
I used to say : "I believe in God's perfect time." Maybe it's not the PERFECT TIME yet. 😐
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Josh McIntyre 1h
Replying to @ihavehepatitis
Buddy ❤️
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haider 21h
Replying to @fatima_tomatoes
Damn losing your phone hurts
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Tom@ 1h
Replying to @Tom02318030
More two months have already passed since Yamaguchi's exposing. We are uncertain whether AKS provides physical and mental care to her. We want to see her smile😢 Now we can 'only' see her smile on pictures (hashtag: ).
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GT5 17h
Just saw an ad for an ITV drama that looks really good. They won’t win me over that easily- all those hours lost in the past will never be forgotten.
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François D-Lambert Feb 19
Replying to @kikibertens
You'll get the win next time Kiki! All the best!
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Jay Walker 17h
Shoutout to the women who haven't felt like themselves lately but you get up everyday & refuse to quit 💪🏿
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Rae 21h
Grief NEVER ends..... BUT it changes. It’s a passage, NOT a place to stay. Grief is NOT a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.... It is the price of LOVE.
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The DC Method 10m
When you can still jump like a 📣 but now you have to hang on 😂😂😂😂 #60
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Samar Veltin Feb 20
Always trf to look at the bright side of life :)
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Be Kind Project 2h
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Colin Mize 9h
Some of y’all never knew how strong you were, until being strong was the only choice you had.
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Sanjay 10h
Replying to @parthiv9
God bless him ....He will recover soon
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