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Masenyani R Vukeya Apr 16
So meaning dots can't be connected, what a waste on these commissions...Animal Farm episode
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Giuliana Bland 21h
Brave brave man, revealing all this as it goes to the heart of . If your police service is captured, nothing else functions the way it should.
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gcista 5h
though. You stop a live broadcast of for recorded interviews!
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Matthew Taylor 3h
Replying to @Shareblue
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Steyn 7h
Also how the Department of health destroyed the Department of health. 🤔 Is there any Department of Government that actually works ? The only Department that seems to be excelling is the Department of .
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Herman Groenendaal 4h
Replying to @_Mhaka @CyrilRamaphosa
Losing over R4 Trillion already to , , and is not redressing the injustices of the past.
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Wangai 6h
Replying to @EtalePhilip
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Bevg 8h
Replying to @joburglawyer
Is it correct to say that drafting contracts which enabled = aiding and abetting or were these attorneys / advocates merely performing under clients instructions ? Should FICA not have been a red flag???
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Replying to @DonaldBKipkorir
For the record & our consistency in advocating a just society, can we just name them and i will start with the or for that matter. This family is worthy 3.5 Trillion the last time (2018) i checked. Kenya GDP roughly stands at 8 Trillion of late.
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Pierre Jacobs 12m
Replying to @MmusiMaimane @Our_DA
U R chasing shadows. Is this going to help win Gauteng or Eastern Cape? Focus on the elections. Cyril & Bosasa of NO relevance. People including myself are losing faith in
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The_VYB_Monroe Apr 17
Replying to @Tshi_Nakanyane
This was the first SA experienced.
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I am an African 🇿🇦 Apr 16
Politics in this country is a strange beast. forced to resign over involvement in yet he continues to campaign on behalf of for . So much for getting tough on corruption, . He should be in orange, not campaigning!
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Self-sufficient 11h
must still explain their role in & their links to the .
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Errol Sanders Apr 17
“South Africa’s state performance peaked in 2007, that year its economy and governance were at their best. Since then the state has experienced continuous decline in all core indicators of performance,”
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HarryM Apr 14
Replying to @PresJGZuma
The only policy certainty was policy.
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Herman Groenendaal 24h
Replying to @VusiSambo @NoTolls1
And Ramaphosa? He is OK with them being on the list, besides, he's part of the NEC that protected during 9 years of .
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Herman Groenendaal 23h
I get Caster, but WHY Ramaphosa!??? Ramaphosa mentioned for finally waking up from the 9 years induced coma?
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Robert James Hickson Apr 17
Replying to @rinmor
...a lack intellect is a strong plus for inclusion on the election is being one of Ace Magashule's pals from the Free State...and a loyal Zuma supporter...and a looting enabler...and having credentials...the rest is coincidental...
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One Nation SA Apr 15
But then why did the branch put names like , , , Dlamini, Gigaba etc. etc. on the elections list?? They are known gangsters
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SAcrimefighters. 🇿🇦 7h
damage done to under current government worse than previously thought.
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