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Star Trek 56m
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Johnnybgoode Jun 15
Enjoying the original πŸ™‚
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Marshall Julius Jun 15
One small step in mapping Mars. One giant leap for marketing . πŸ––
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23 Yr. Old Trekkie πŸ”œ Japan 29m
Mondays can be tough, so I'm sending some smiles and goofiness your way!
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Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonien Singh.
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It seems Spock and Number One will be returning in a : Short Treks episode!
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Star Trek 24h
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Mark Amorosi Jun 23
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Thomas Jun 22
More from the . explains to our fan what his villain's motivations are this season...
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KetwolskiπŸ–– 3h
I dont really know why, but this promo photo from makes me really uncomfortable. What do you think?
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Star Trek Jun 19
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βš”οΈ H. Rae πŸ––πŸΌ #StarfleetIsAPromise 1h
Awww I β™₯️ this one because it’s true!πŸ––πŸΌ
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Star Trek 2h
20 essential episodes to watch before starting
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Happy birthday to , who shaved off his famous beard to appear in the episode "Manhunt."
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Tony Scipione Jun 22
Some years it just wasn't summer til the Marvel Super Special hit the racks adapting the latest movie blockbuster. They had a pretty cool run.
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Salvor Hardin Jun 16
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Madison πŸ––πŸΌπŸ¦„πŸπŸΈπŸ° 🌞 1h
It’s ! Here’s and I in our very first custom made uniforms. Every counselor needs a captain, and every captain needs a guide and conscience. Our community is incredible β€” let’s keep sharing the positivity with just over a month until !
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A proposed "virtually real replica" of the Enterprise-D from Playmates Toys which would have included an LCARS-styled control pad for model 'flight,' along with accessory ship replicas with "magnetic tractor beam action" and a DS9 docking arm. (1994, never released)
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ImAndreaHagos 2h
A convo at home: Me: MoM hoW maNy VuLcaNs diD U kIlL tO maKe thIs?! Mom: Whu- Me trying to hide my laughter: DID U KILL SPOCK? HALF VULCAN REALLY SASSY EXPRESSES MULTIPLE ATTITUDES AT ONCE? Mom: ... Me: ... Dad: I uNdeRstOod tHat reFerEnCe Me: .. live long and prosper
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Happy birthday to , Uhura from the Kelvin Timeline films!
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