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✅According to BDCenter analysis, — is the most popular asset for trading for predominant 65% of traders. 📊Nevertheless, don’t trail far behind with 57%. Native tokens and are relatively equal, while fiat leaves off hard. ❓What do you trade with?
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XRPcryptowolf Dec 18
US Governor Lael Brainard's (member of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors) speech on Digital Currencies, & the Challenges The Federal Reserve is working with other jurisdictions on the benefits & costs of Central Bank Digital Currencies
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and technology are clearly here to stay. It’s just a question of who will be left behind.
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SGC_Official Nov 7
Why SGC is Geared For Success The global market understands the benefits of SGC and needs an efficient hybrid coin that offers more than any fiat or cryptocurrency Secured Gold Coin
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A report on the in 2019 outlines the growth of . 1 interesting point is the growth in ICO's. Not the mania-hyped token offerings of 2017-18, but countries launching their own aka Initial Country Offerings.
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Gemini Dec 10
Joshua Rawlins, Managing Director of Financial Operations at Gemini, on using for global payments:
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Alfonso García Mora Dec 11
We had a great discussion on with and Tobias Adrian from . The strongest use cases of stablecoins currently appear to be making cross-border and P2P payments and remittances. Many opportunities and important challenges ahead, specially for .
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OSL Jan 6
Series #1 - Institutional Participation in Digital Assets by 1/ A rise of activity by Asia-based institutions 2/ Quality custodians begin a run of market dominance 3/ A surge in new issued by banks and governments
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Blockstream Dec 30
Blockstream's CSO at , discussing using on the to make viable for retail, Libra's rocky start, and stablecoins being a mid-step toward ⛓⚡️🌊
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ConsenSys Dec 16
Tokenization, , regulation — The new partnership between and signals progress on all fronts.
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SGC_Official Nov 6
Hold SGC before anyone else. Here is link to the Registration form: For registration:⁠ Telegram:
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PegNet Dec 27
IDEX lists 5 new tokens! 🥳 Visit to start trading these pegged assets and more 📈
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PegNet Jan 2
It's a new year, a new decade and we're back with a new weekly update! JOIN the community live @ 11:30am EST today via the link below to get all your updates, and ask all your questions for the new year ahead.
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Alyze Sam 💁🏼‍♀️ #WomenInBlockchain Jan 2
Hey! I know this girl! :D I brought a few friends with me. :D and and more! :D Sorry I'm ill! grrr! winter! Special thanks to who shared my entire stablecoin journey with me. :D <3U!
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Naked Wicks 2h
E-money versus Stablecoins: to be classified and regulated as Electronic Money, elements pertaining to Electronic under the ERD2
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bZx Nov 25
Already converted your to and now looking for APR better than 2%? Lend your shiny new DAI on 💡
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Bitcoin Africa News Dec 4
BREAKING: Bit Sika Launches Naira Backed Africa Stable-Coin (ABCD) built on BinanceChain.
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Melcom Copeland Jan 11
based device including integrated showcased at . Visitors experienced ease-of-use when it comes to transacting in such as like over the counter.
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Sydney Ifergan - (CryptoSyd) Dec 25
The biggest launched its promising that runs on the to strengthen the position of in the world link:
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EU Council Press Dec 5
The and the adopted a joint statement on Read more 👇
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