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Spider*Man 5h
- /ES did managed to reach 2914 area twice after RTH & got rejected .. so condition #1 met.. Now - it needs to go down to 2895 area (2nd Condition).. let’s see if this happens...
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Steve Deppe, CMT 8h
Replying to @SJD10304
As always, nothing's promised, other than that this time could be different because we live in unprecedented times and the last 6 months are filled with a lot unprecedented price action. Have a plan, stick to the plan, and take whatever results follow. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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Mystery Trader 12h
Replying to @MysteryTrader99
Daily: 10MA still holding as is yellow wedge support. MACD/Stochs both have crossed & are slowly rolling over, but until the 10/13MAs fail on closing basis, there is no bearish trigger yet
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AntMwah 19m
; continues to rise within the wedge toward ATH. Very close now.
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Dr. Harry Dalton Apr 13
SPX GOLD and Supersymmetry - chart
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DrForecast Apr 17
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If by the open were to gap down (as suggested in a possible scenario on Friday) it would truncate all the unwinding 5th of 5th waves of C showing up all over indexes & major stocks - would be significant & NOT AT ALL IMPOSSIBLE esp with EVERY SINGLE PERSON looking for 3000
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Abhishek Halder Apr 14
My notes for week starting 15.04.19 👇🏽 Having a bearish bias with eyes on the rising wedge and the range ~ 2837-2922
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Francis Bussiere Apr 14
Bottom line, I doubt we exceed 2920 before a 90 point drop by the 23rd. If we hold 2800 then we should reach 2940 by the Jobs of May 3rd. I doubt we see significant new highs above 2940 before we pull back to 2600 by the Fed meeting of late June.
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Jimson442 7h
Cash index, unfinished Wkly, wide shot and up close. Price has moved right up to the middle tine on the gray fork at the 21 Fib time extension. Notice the price action at the 13 Fib extension top...sideways, then collapse.
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Dnews 9h
Batman Pattern spotted !
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Francis Bussiere Apr 21
Bottom line, there are warning signs that we could be near a late Sept 2018 type of high that could take us down into late June. The first level to watch on a decline is 2800 which must hold, or 2,600 will be next. With the making a new high, a double top is possible.
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: Hidden Bearish Divergence on the , S&P500 inde...
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onom 5h
the last update before 19Q1 GDP data, theory is 2858 by EPS model and 3024 by GDP, whereas 2907 is the latest actual. the current price range seems to be very comfortable.
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David Brady 19h
S&P 500 at risk of an imminent ST pullback to at least 2873, perhaps as much as 2836, before heading higher to 3000+. Full report at
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offendall 10h
The longer this LOW VOLUME and Severely Suppressed Volatility continues, a lot peeps (BearsandBulls) are going to get hurt, if they are on the wrong side of this Ponzi Scheme.
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oblique trader 14h
REMEMBER: 2911.50 is important level. above this, short will be stopped out from the Wednesday's Liq break. I would not short above this level for intra day plays. HVE 2913.25 Hve 2819 in play higher. I still think we see 2888 to trap today's longs. flush on break 98
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TradeWits 3h
The S&P 500 hovers near all-time highs, waiting to break out in either direction. Major companies across sectors report this week and could be catalyst in catapulting the markets beyond all-time highs
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Abhishek Halder Apr 21
My 🗒️for week starting 22.04.19👇🏽 Price broke below the wedge on my chart and 2908-2913 contained prices on a closing basis. Could support a drop to 2860-2873 to start with. Discl: I have short positions atm.
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Spin Master 6h
Getting close to decision time for as well. Watching for a break of the lower line of our rising wedge.
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