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Emme Enojado Nov 23
Anyone else obsessed with tracking Spotify data & wait all year for to come out? Good news: thanks to some talented people, you don’t have to wait *that* long. I made this list of websites that give your Spotify stats! Check it out ➡️
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Kayla Victoria Nov 22
When emails you that your end of year wrap up is almost here so you start binge listening to sophisticated music to cover up the fact that you’ve been listening to the High School Musical soundtracks on repeat all year
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amy Nov 22
honestly, the only thing i'm looking forward to this year is my
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sqǝoɥd Nov 23
every year i think oh wow can’t wait to see my immaculate taste in music through and then i get my playlist and see man or muppet and oogie boogie’s song
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Al Honaker Nov 22
is coming up, which is cool because it means I’m about to get official data on which completely arbitrary song I hyper-fixated on for the longest this year
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Replying to @EddieGluskinato
usually you gotta look it up yourself or find the hashtag.
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The Coronas Nov 27
Really nervous about our this year.. Pretty sure our top artist is going to be The Coronas and top album will be True Love Waits 😐
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NoModDanz Nov 20
I just got Premium since 2019
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Joshua Raphael Herbo Nov 25
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Anna Nov 23
If I don't make the top 1% of listeners this year on I will definitely be demanding a recount 😂
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. Nov 24
I want 2020
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Yui Nov 23
Eagerly awaiting my for this year! 🎁💝
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Maggie Lovitt Nov 25
My is just going to be Taylor Swift and Ludwig Göransson. I guarantee it.
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Juliette Caravedo Nov 27
I just know that The lakes by will be my most played song this year
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Amy 💁🏻‍♀️ Nov 23
I'm more buzzing to see what's on my than Christmas tbh.
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LuluTheeStalli 🖤🇿🇼 Nov 26
this year is really gonna show my true colours 😭🤣
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toni Nov 26
kinda excited for my
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AuxAsylum Nov 26
Fully waiting for my to be entirely songs from playlists with titles like: ‘songs to distract me from my existential crisis’
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beige jake Nov 24
i can already see this is as my top song of 2020
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Replying to @Spotify @penguinprison
I genuinely do not know this time. Normally I have a good idea but my music was all over the place this year. I also hate that I discovered late. I hope they make my list but it's probably too late 😭😭😭
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