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Midwest Betting Picks May 16
KILLER DAY YESTERDAY. 7-0-1 +7.97u RT for today’s .
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Fore_Plays 4h
Just posted 5 Tournament Matchups for this weekend's golf tournaments. 3 PGA plays, 2 European Tour plays. Haven't done this in awhile, so everyone to like, retweet, and message us can get the tournament matches for free!!
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BleacherReport: Had to humble him real quick 😂 (via branchnout50/Instagram) ▶️ ▶️
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Jeff Smith 27m
Today’s slate Free pick of the day (3-1-2) NYY o5.5 DM for access
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Looselines 2h
🚨 Today's pro tip: It's always the club's fault. BET HERE 💰 (via )
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BleacherReport: He broke the driver and still went 300+ yards 😳 (via ) ▶️ ▶️
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Swimming With The Shark May 20
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JD Sports Brokers May 16
MLB CLIENTS ARE EATING!!! ⚾️💰⚾️💰⚾️💰⚾️💰⚾️💰 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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SBR Sports Picks 1h
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BleacherReport: RT : That's a 200 IQ shot... 🤯 (via /u/silver_kiwi17) ▶️ ▶️
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Space Bar Sports 4h
Parlay Mariners and rockies 1st 5 this afternoon. Tonite NYY is gonna score 8 runs on the Os so bet the team ov6. 5
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SBR Sports Picks 21h
Kyle Lowry is hot early as the Raptors (1Q +½) lead the Bucks 32-31 through 12 mins...
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BleacherReport: RT : Get Donovan Mitchell in the lineup today ❗️ (via ) ▶️ ▶️
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BleacherReport: 16 years later, Kyle Korver never forgot the Nets "traded" him for a copy machine (via ) ▶️ ▶️
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Jeff Smith 2h
Yesterday’s picks ARI -100 ❌ ATL -110 ❌ MIL -150 ❌ MIA +102 ✅ BOS -140 ❌ OAK +130 ✅ 2-4 -$621.00 Last 30 days: 142-90-1 +$10,668.50 DM for access
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Lisa Kerney 5h
That’s a WRAP! 💫 Thank you ALL who tuned in for the laughs, tips and inside info from our experts today!! Missed any segments? We’re posting everything from today’s show here on my feed and We got you, gamblers!! 👊🏻
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Kof 18h
WHEN THE JACKHAMMER HITS!!!! Congrats to everyone who tailed.
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BleacherReport: Postwoman pulled up and started hyping him 🙌 (via ) ▶️ ▶️
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Kof 3h
When you have so much money on the JACKHAMMER that you rent the whole place out for close friends & family.
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WTPSportsBook May 21
🚨💵5/21 bonus & weekly giveaway💵🚨 - 35% on deposits under $50 - 50% on deposits over $50 ALL deposits will be entered into this weeks giveaway for $250 freeplay!
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