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mvvenkataraman 10h
approach the All your affection, you Behave in a lovely Heart needs love- After living together for Please ban sorrowful Supply to all sacred See to that bliss !
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Emmize Sep 11
U don't wanna mess with my dog...
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Simon Bell Sep 14
Gillon’s Brother is called Hammer 🤨 So is he 🤔
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Denis Sep 14
Yet another NewSQL database with auto automated sharding and failover. It seems like or
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Rob but not Robert Sep 10
Replying to @sajidjavid
You mean like all of the amazing talent across Europe?
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Ruslan Fomkin Sep 17
Interesting about . It covers motivation, key implementation enablers, offering.
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Dave H - Scourging along in 60% viscose (ie Lycra) Sep 11
Replying to @TheFactCompiler
A in the works - if it isn't a ?
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Samuel Jack 🇬🇧 17h
Replying to @Paul_D1963
Fancy responding on here rather than posting a tweet on your feed about 'Brexiteers not having money for fags and booze' I'll wait.
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Michael Sep 13
Replying to @BangerJonny
Where’s these bad boys though.. ain’t complete without these clips Yano.. too
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anthony o connell Sep 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
What about the auld AR-15s thing that kills more than the vaping thing? Maybe start there Donald and work backwards
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Matthew Collins Sep 10
Mark Adams, aka ‘Spanner’ out in London last weekend m. I have no idea what the story with the phone is.
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株式会社アルファコード Sep 11
「SPANNER(スパナー)」トレーラーを公開しました!ドット絵キャラが、投げて転がって拾って守って照らしてと大忙し!二人協力プレイのアクションシューティングです🎮一人でもご家族でも試遊できます。インディーゲームコーナー 9-E36 でお待ちしています👾
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Samuel Jack 🇬🇧 Sep 11
Replying to @THE_Dustcart
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Samuel Jack 🇬🇧 Sep 14
Replying to @Femi_Sorry
You clearly haven't read Article 24 of WTO. I suggest you do you absolute P.S. lose some weight or you'll be on the way to Mike Stuchbery's hypertension 👌
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Lin Tennant. Brexit October 31st.Bye remoaners Sep 16
Reform? Yes of course they will let us keep our veto and listen to us now 😂
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𝕌𝕣𝕚𝕤🌙𝕲𝖆𝖎𝖆 Sep 14
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iganari Sep 16
今日の朝活は、 Python と Spanner です( ˘ω˘)スヤァ
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なんとかの詩人@ゲーム制作用 Sep 15
今日の東京ゲームショウ。 あとアルファコードさんの「SPANNER(スパナー)」 ってゲームのオマケガチャで、 シークレットのピンバッチを引きました^_^
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GAME Watch Sep 15
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高瀬🐶断捨離 Sep 15
操作が優しめで面白かった~ 試遊したらガチャガチャでメインキャラのスナちゃん出た❣️✨
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