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Southend Police TCT Oct 16
Excellent joined-up working between the Town Centre Team, the Community Support Team and the CCTV team meant that a male suspected of being in possession of a weapon and drugs was quickly detained.
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Southend Leisure 14 May 18
Today we are talking to everyone about the services we offer, at the Southend Borough Council Health and Wellbeing day! What’s your way to fitness?
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Claire Webster 20 Oct 18
My 79-year old mother-in-law is being pursued for a parking fine by The only available ticket machine was out of order. She can’t pay by mobile phone. She is being punished for the failings of the council. What can you do ?
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🌈🧜‍♀️FreebieBean🧜‍♂️🏳️‍🌈 14 May 18
Recycling bags so thin, I just *sneezed and blew a hole in it! Sort it out Southend Borough Council? Whilst I'm at it, why aren't Recycling bags recyclable? Or at the very least bio-degradable. *not an actual sneeze!
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News: urges housing benefit claimants to report changes in circumstances and why!
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Scott Cannon 11 Oct 17
My team at are working hard with to tackle the issue of homelessness in Southend.
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Dave Taylor Sculptureman Nov 7
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Lord Stallard 16h
really upset that on Southend Pier is just a show, real people who live in Southend can’t visit your cafe and won’t rent the shack to anyone so they can keep it for your filming days, 7 a year..!
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Okami Martial Arts 24 Aug 16
Seafront car park charges up from £1.20 to £1.60 per hour Well done
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Gavin 19 Apr 17
Why is it so hard for to deal with complaints very quick to jump up and on property owners when it suites! !!!!!!!
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Neil Taylor 29 Jan 16
A hushed silence over proposals to reduce councillors from 51 to 34 cost cutting measures obviously Mr Woodley 1st?
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Coinslot777 May 27
Southend Adventure Island owner calls for ‘badly-needed’ seafront parking spaces
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Emma Paradise 30 Dec 17
- any danger of getting any recycling bags? 🙄
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WCA 16 Oct 17
Continuous fly tipping problem Northview Drive Westcliff.
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Achievement_SHS Feb 15
We look forward to seeing Pepper again in May to do some creative writing workshops.
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Darlinghurst Academy 17 Sep 18
Our VIP guests today who joined us to welcome our new students and staff to Darlinghurst Academy
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