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Irrevocable💜Life 16m
He tried it! Just know given the chance they'd be doing the sewing! Remember that! They already know it!🤣🤣🤣
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Darshan Gowda 11h
But dumbos like you read everything but can't even clear state entrance. 😂😂😂
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Replying to @baseball7310
He wanted to “test the market” after hitting .155?
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Layton Leadbitter 19h
Replying to @ChronicleNUFC
It's called effective play, doesn't have to be pretty
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Brian T. Jones, Sr. 14h
Replying to @HaroldRKuntz3
Yet had they lost you could have gotten that walk off on film
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Maik 'o Jai 🇿🇦 Dec 6
His stats disagree with your assertion. Both as a player and captain.
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Greg Lage Dec 6
This is pure Sour Grapes! Yes Hilary won the popular vote, but maybe should have read the CONSTITUTION. We elect the president by Electoral College, and always have. That is like the team that lost The Super Bowl saying they had more yards of total offense.
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Maureen McFadden Dec 2
And sadly some of our own.
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Flyers Hype Man 14h
Replying to @mizzodcast
Potential segment too? I’ll make him a reservation at Caleb’s Crystal Cafe as well
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William Schmid 14h
Hey How them taste?
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Jonathon Curry Dec 7
Strange what happens when the Badger defense actually gets flagged for Pass Interference...and the Badger offense actually gets called for holding...
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Mr TV Australia Dec 1
Alright, now I've seen it all .. & have both claimed 2019. WTF!? Both have sent internal congratulatory memos the past month. The former's claim was always the industry standard (weeks won), even Nine always favoured that. What's changed? 😑 ?
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GBR 16h
Must be why St Johns fans blew a gasket when he left.
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BUMomJKR Dec 5
Replying to @BearNTex
I prefer not to apply any superlative to the fans of other teams who consistently express their disdain for all things Baylor. In my opinion, they are all full of & therefore to be pitied.
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Nick Tuckner ☠ 18h
Sanders has more fantasy points than Fitzpatrick, who was supposed to throw for 750 yards and 12 TD's today. 😂😂😂
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So, if the gets the mayoral post, you're going to pump a lot of funds in it. We know when was mayor, you significantly reduced the budget to stood him up. We're waiting with bated breath to see the developments around this event.
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💀J-Mac💀 Dec 6
It’s funny the only people bitching Jeff Tedford did them wrong are players who did nothing when at Fresno and nothing after.
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John Emotions ✨ 18h
that's why chuck got meet the press and you're on cable?
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M. LaFontaine 🎄 Dec 5
Replying to @BGPolitics
If bevin thought this was a significant issue, why didn't he do something about it before the last week of his administration?
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❄️girasole resists❄️ Nov 30
Replying to @Nic_Gulas
Maybe it’s just not as fun when you beat Western Carolina?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
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