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John Smith 5 May 14
72 hours until freshman year is over
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Katie Marchessault 14 Jun 14
My school friends are probably the greatest people I'll ever come in contact with
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Clare Partridge 17 Feb 12
'Moments of impact define who we are'
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Tamara 18 Apr 12
Saw a OC Transpo drive wear a Sens jersey instead of his uniform this morning ?
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Devin Stratton 11 Sep 18
Replying to @Senators
“Accountability”?! Please. Melnyk is that word’s antonym. “Hockey excellence”? Prove it. Sign 65,95,61. What’s sad is that even whoever tweeted this on behalf of the team knows Melnyk needs to go. It’s become a Mickey Mouse org. Pathetic damage control. Very sad.
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Devin Stratton 22 Nov 18
There is precedent for a league forcing its owner to sell a team that remains in the city under new ownership. Right. Right? To fuck up Lebreton, I fear, can be the beginning of the end of the Sens in Ottawa. Please @ me; tell me I'm wrong.
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Curtis Nigh 23 May 17
Would to see the and win the cup for his wife this year!
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derrick 24 Feb 17
Replying to @orion_5a
that would be
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Katie 2 Jul 18
Replying to @ladsdeev
so accurate.
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Pablo Juarez 🇨🇦 Jul 1
Replying to @Sens_Army_
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Jade Silver 6 Nov 11
come to my free jk two ppl
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Géoconfluences Jan 29
Replanter des haies dans le bocage normand (image d'illustration : B. Duquesnay / Libération)
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Géoconfluences Feb 11
« Le fjord d’ (), site classé patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco , étude de cas d’une patrimonialisation » par Andréa Poiret. 🇬🇱 🧊🧊🧊 ➡️
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Géoconfluences Feb 13
« Naviguer en Arctique » par Pauline Pic de l'. Derrière un titre simple, le récit détaillé des contraintes techniques, météorologiques, géopolitiques...
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brianc 12 Sep 18
Replying to @TSNSimmer
I don’t their intention is to sign here
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Pablo Juarez 🇨🇦 Jul 3
"You don't trade Ottawa boys ever.. it's like trading f***ing out of England." Pure genius. 👏🏽 🚨
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Géoconfluences Sep 18
La course à l’appropriation des plateaux continentaux arctiques, un mythe à déconstruire par Frédéric Lasserre de ➡️
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Géoconfluences Oct 15
Notion en débat : paysage par Marylise Cottet de et ➡️ Thème au programme du concours d'entrée de
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Katie Marchessault 5 May 14
I have a final at 8am and I'm currently up watching a walk to remember for the thousandth time...
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Pablo Juarez 🇨🇦 Oct 15
Level of embarrassment this guy brings to the City of Ottawa is appalling. Save us, .
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