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We are versus arthritis - cos we want to keep on fucking.
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jVasquez Aug 20
🤣 You’re being added to my list of delusional liberals to troll the morning after Trump is reelected 🤣
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Geoff Norcott Aug 24
Every night I say I’m fond of Mrs Brown’s Boys. Every night they boo. Why do I say it? Because I say the unsayable.
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Dissenter Aug 23
for you youngens… Rush in the 90s predicted that everything good will be considered bad, and vice versa. How are those 4-year-old child trans operations going?
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Jason Showalter 3h
Replying to @EyesofSyn @filmlia
How very brave of you to say these things.
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TechnoCrunch Aug 23
Replying to @ComradeNapCal
How Controversial of you! 😮
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au📌190823 제이홉 hobi harem 🦋 19h
Replying to @sonayeon @odetojinnie
thank you for saying this. I relate so hard but was afraid to say it too 😔.
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Patrick Garcia 11h
Replying to @WalshFreedom
Look at the brave man being so brave! 😲 Such bravery, I could never have imagined, but here it is on brave display! 👏👏👏
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Mrs O 20h
Lifeboat, helicopter and lifeguard currently undertaking a rescue at Trebarwith Strand
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Lawmaker Press Office Parody Aug 20
Replying to @ColinHanks
Great to see Hollywood celebs making such a brave stand against hate.
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Jeff Aug 18
Replying to @akkitwts
Good job, you overdramatic Nancy.
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truth hurts Aug 24
Listing to and Rob Funches made the treadmill a JOY to be on
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Mukesh Tiwari (INDIAN) Aug 18
It is your statement to a News24 anchor, you called her witch.
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Greg Martin Aug 24
Should have just titled this comic
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Eric Aug 21
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Lydia Akers Aug 23
Replying to @JackieMacmilla5
Oh, poor dears, I bet they deal with ovulation pains too 😭
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jason vincent Aug 16
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Sad Wrestling Face Aug 22
Travis Tritt, taking a stand.
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Jordan Lloyd Aug 17
Replying to @tungyyyy @JT026
They were last week against the Dogs. Really looked like a committed team and didn’t resemble traffic cones at all 💉
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Julie's Peabody Aug 20
So I have a question. You have been mad at Rogan for a couple days because he was to Maggie. You are but you haven’t tagged him. Why is that? I’m sure Mitch would love the attention.
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