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Lauren Gray 2h
Save our earth! Protect the planet.
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MWPC_South Shore 5h
“When I went to a meeting, a councilman said "Well, she's better looking than you at least" and my opponent replied "Glad to see your eyes still work”. They boiled me down to my appearance with one sexist comment.”
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Emily Torres Apr 22
Replying to @TheAmberPicota
No one is denying anyone’s personhood by trying to and also it’s not my job to “teach good sound doctrine”, that is oversimplifying a complex theology that’s been debated (and misinterpreted) for 1,000’s of yrs.
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Katherine Iselin 4h
I’m really digging this book. I assigned it for my summer Women in the Arts class. So many sentences have made me go, “Hell yes! Damn the patriarchy!” I love scholarship.
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Elisha 18h
Brushing Emmy’s hair after her bath... Me: “Uh oh, there’s a pretty big knot here kiddo. It’s probably going to hurt a little.” Emmy: “That’s okay, I’m a strong independent woman.” 💜
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PurrAnna 🦔 Apr 21
Replying to @ohyoarrow
Lmaoooo yessss
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Amie Simon 🔪🖤 Apr 22
I’ll just be over here having all the feels about turning their vibe up to 11 this season & sobbing about how amazing it is to see women working together to bring down the men trying to control them.
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EA 20h
Replying to @notcapnamerica
I'll say it again, your ass can be as lily white as mine but none of it going to stop the for doing what they've always done. The sooner you figure this out, the better we will all be. It's 2019, we ain't fucking men who vote anymore.
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Ross MacKay Apr 15
Listening to and loving . I had a biscuit for breakfast too.
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Bo Frazer 🌈🎻🎶💜✌️☮️☯️ 10h
I’ve never understood how ANY woman could vote republican, but especially now. 😡
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The Unlikeable Tess Rodham Rafferty 8h
So excited that I get to be part of this.
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Kimberly Janise Apr 21
There’s a lot to love about Tormund Giantsbane, but the number one reason is his refusal to adhere to bullshit patriarchal gender roles.
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Kenners 🦏🐋🐅 Apr 19
Replying to @sophieshahla
Good job she'll have her own pension though?! 😉 ✊🏼
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RealpolitischerRadikaler Apr 19
And a bunch of Old white men discussing again...
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Arrow Apr 20
Replying to @PurrrAnna
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Leslie Carey Apr 21
Watching ‘Crustacean Jung v Cocaine Hegel’ and taking frequent breaks for a more feminine perspective.
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Sheyna Makes 7h
ENAMEL PINS ARE HERE! ✨ Introducing the very first enamel pin on the shop, our cute Male Tears Bottle pin 😂 Now on the shop for only $11, free US shipping. 🙌🏻💙 Get it here:
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Rosie Maternity Voices Apr 22
Excellent article on breastfeeding being “seen as a lifestyle choice that women can give or take, rather than it being a primary physiological function of a bodily organ.”
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Claire Seulgie Lim 5h
Another proof that have ro put EXTRA effort for things that men get celebrated for for doing the bare minimum
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Queen Lamb, First of Her Name 👑 Apr 17
Replying to @AKellyLane
Hahaha yes! But I love it though. Look at us and our young selves. However I had some pretty dark plots involving planetary destruction, unwanted pregnancy, & assassinations...which probably is far more disconcerting than giving a doll the Brittany haircut.
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