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Sevenoak camera stabilizer May 24
all-in-one kit • Stereo Microphone could indicate left and right microphone capsules • Audio Gain Switch could toggle between 0dB and +10dB email
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Movo Photo Mar 5
The SmartCine is finally here! We've just received the shipment to our warehouse!
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Vox Inventum Sep 25
I uploaded a new episode, "VI Podcast #71 Drones Can Swim & Fly", on
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Movo Photo Sep 27
your shots with the SmartCine presented by MOVO. The will turn any smartphone into a super powered and production device. Compact, super effective and available at an inexpensive price
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Movo Photo Mar 6
In case you missed it yesterday, the Smartcine has finally arrived and will be shipping out soon!
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Gadget News & Review Oct 22
The SmartCine launched as the world’s best smartphone video studio kit... ...
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Movo Photo Oct 21
Did you miss your chance to back the project? Dont worry! You can now pre-order your all-in-one smart phone rig at 📱📽
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Opening Night 23 Apr 16
trailer is on The wait is almost over! Available on on May 6th
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IFS news Oct 27
TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION: SmartCine Rig Adds Ring Light, Stereo Mic and Lenses to Smartphones
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Iniwoo Sep 30
It is an all-in-one smartphone video kit. It has pro stereo microphone, LED ring light and a set of changeable lenses.
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Illisia Adams Oct 8
I just backed SmartCine - The World's First Complete Smartphone Video Kit on
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Movo Photo Oct 9
Awesome shot of the in action by @marinabrunofilms There are only 10 days left to save up to 46% on yours when you back our project on kickstarter!
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Marina Bruno Oct 4
Just prepping all my gear for the sequel to my horror short film "Looking At" Pt.2. Check out this new phone filming set up called by ! 📷
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SmartResidences 24 Apr 18
¡Gran plan! Una película que homenajea a personas genuinas, únicas y divertidas... simplemente CAMPEONES.
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