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Dave Phillips 28s
Danger, let's not go there! Seen in Southsea today 🤣
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Sonya Lennon 7h
I’ve become that beleaguered homeowner who places a barrier in front of my house to protect a car parking space. what next?
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Zoradi Tucker Aug 17
Had to get out of car and go in home as I was about to go to the office in my sodding slippers this morning 😶
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Phil Evans(official) 9h
Well a can be a thing of beauty, if you are not working. A bit more time in bed without having to rush anywhere is a luxury to many. I’m sure I feel more tired now. Is this a ?
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Thomas Keen Aug 10
Replying to @DonCheadle
I said silenced by big companies. Being removed from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple is, in fact, being silenced by big companies. To be clear I am not an Alex Jones fan or an Alex Jones apologist. I just think it’s ridiculous how that all went down.
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Collin Little Aug 10
oh God. More wine. Just how good can this get?
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(((jeffmarkel))) Aug 15
1st amendment issues can be weird. If you claim Alex Jones' social media bans don't violate 1st Amendment, you can't also say that John Brennan's security clearance revocation does. Neither one's kept from expressing their political opinion in the public square
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davey Aug 17
Soooo OLG Play had a promo where they gave you a free $35 "bonus cash" (can't cash out) to play and oh man I've never lost $35 so quick in my life. Sheesh!
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Australian Care Alliance Aug 14
Bioethics Professor Margaret Somerville says it would be "a societal tragedy" if we allowed voluntary assisted dying to be legalised across Australia.
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✨✨Jane Crookes ✨✨ Aug 11
Placed my first ever accumulator bet
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I wore a floral shirt once and now I’m obsessed.
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Nathan Campbell Aug 17
Replying to @summertealover
The Delcaration of Independence got flagged by Facebook's algorithm for "hate speech". We have to be careful of deplatforming to the point where we don't know how to face a world we disagree with, and it's all just an digital Utopia.
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It Me, NBA Insider ™ Aug 13
I love seeing people complain about how twitter enforces their account suspension policy lmaoooo the same people who cried how Twitter needed to ban certain types of speech are now complaining about how it’s implemented 😭😭
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Australian Care Alliance Aug 17
The advocacy of Australian Care Alliance members Parnis and Daffy drove a late shift away from the bill, including flipping One Nation senator Peter Georgiou from being a backer of the change to an opponent. TheAus:
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Debra Gibson-Welch Aug 17
Replying to @AliVelshi
I agree Ali
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Hemiskull Aug 10
Supervised Consumption Faculties Today = Free Heroin Tomorrow
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Thats Miss B To You Aug 14
You cannot demand that survivors release videos of their assaults. This is a and smells of . What to do?
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AnnElizabeth Manning Aug 13
In the last week I’ve had 4 cokes which is more than I’ve had in the last year.
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@Muur_ 3h
Replying to @SimonCapewell99
At least was completely spot on when he talked about the of . Your ad hominum attack is distasteful, you hypocritical excuse for a scientist!
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Justine Poidevin 6h
Replying to @hollis_k_
Urrgghhh.... that story I read over the weekend about IVF clinics offering 'designer babies'
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