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James Moss Mar 22
I don't know first it's a tax on doughnuts then puppies ... where will it end
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A Hal 18h
Replying to @FISHMARINO
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Buz 20h
Eliminating the electoral college would change the whole fabric of our society, it would lead to mob rule. For those wanting to eliminate it, why stop there? Let us eliminate Congress and start voting on everything by majority rule.
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Ivor Ulfsson Mar 16
I applauded NZ for making it illegal to own assault weapons 48 hrs after the attack. But this might be crossing the line on civil liberties.
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Fred Mar 16
Replying to @ChrisMurphyCT
another gun grabber.
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The Canadian Crank 16h
A knee-jerk reaction to an appalling tragedy. This has echoes of Orwell's 1984 or maybe Fahrenheit 451. Is the next step burning books? Peterson has no connections, or links, to white supremacists, so this move makes no sense. Western civilization is doomed.
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FrankSm0kesDank2kallday Mar 14
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Spoken like a true dictator!!!
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Andy Mar 18
Replying to @GBridgeford @BigWipes
You’ll be talking pedicures and manicures next
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Jon Doe the 3rd Mar 19
when the are empty you’ll turn on the
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Lena Whyte Mar 18
How do MPs decide how2use CDC Funds? SpanishTwn, old Capital is in decay! Requires Clean Up urgently. Sewage, garbage, waste all ova. Vendors operate in waste takin ova sidewlks. Mayor, MPs, business leaders, NGOs MIA.Need2save SpnTwnfromdecline.
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Kris Lewis 19h
Replying to @burgerjunkies
Wife and I were watching Suits and Harvey got a hotdog from a cart. Told my wife, I need a hot dog from a cart when we go to NY. She went online and bought tickets to NY.
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The Captain Mar 18
Replying to @jemelehill
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🥄LupieChelle🥄#CFSME #SLE #DDD #CPP ... Mar 20
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Najah Gabriel Mar 14
is coming for your property, Republicans.
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Adam Gibbons 12h
Replying to @RepSwalwell
Because the 'MANUFACTURER" didn't "SHOOT" or "USE" any "products themselves?!?.. Can't wait to see this applied to Automakers, Alcohol industries, And what about the laws you agreed to that has costed life?!? Guess that makes you "ACCOUNTABLE" also huh?
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Miserable Bastard Mar 21
What if a kid chose not to protest but instead wanted a day off for a holiday in term time? Would that be allowed? It would be unfair not to allow them that opportunity in that case, surely?
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maru Mar 21
Replying to @ATP_Tour @denis_shapo
I think Denis has started something ...
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MickeLady Mar 13
Y'all. It's so icy at my work that our cars were migrating down the parking lot (slowly) ON THEIR OWN.
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Darth Father Mar 20
Slippery slope. No, you're done. You're dumb. You have no more ledge to stand on. Bye bye. Bye bye! BYE BYE!!! 🇺🇸
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Susan   🍑🍒🍌🇪🇺 Mar 17
Replying to @MsAlliance
Trust me, it starts with telling people what flavour crisps they're allowed and ends up in a one party state
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