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Nick 15h
Replying to @AndyTheBlanch
Don’t. I did and it’s the biggest waste of time I can never get back.
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MF Apr 20
Replying to @ohohangie
Word!! I was like nah it’s a trick, she just wants me to hear her cry !
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Tribeuny 2h
yall ass to work don't be waking up miserable make that I'm off today I'm a be tipsy before noon 😁
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Ric Apr 21
Replying to @GemmaTognini
The wog in me loves! Cotoletta, chicken, pork and veal! RIP Mum 😢
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Christopher Apr 20
When you put your Apple Music on shuffle, but it doesn't read your mind and play the right songs 😒
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Shane Simms Apr 19
When skip the dishes accidently delivers two different orders to your house 🤷🏻‍♂️🐷
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parisinla Apr 18
Panda Express is garbage.
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riaaaaaa_⚢🌈 Apr 14
How can people post shit all damn day on their snap or insta... But I mean they have like 20 something posts on their story .. that’s hella annoying.
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Twan Apr 13
Replying to @Anglikx8
Too depressing for me now lol 🙈
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Kumkani Apr 16
Replying to @Simply__Roseee
He's definitely an acquired taste.
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Lisa DeMoranville Apr 18
When you’re jamming to a song then realize it’s Lele Pons......
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Gareth Ayre Apr 14
copying YB/CX/PY/ZS etc on 15 but neither of you QRPers :)
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IAS 21h
We go live on Facebook & Instagram at 8pm Sharp (est) Every 2 weeks. Send music to to get in the Want to the line? Send a $15…
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The Growling Shrew Apr 19
It's looking perfect weather this weekend to crack out the BBQ. We have the perfect pairings throughout the shop, including our refillable bottles []. You just need to pick your beer for us to fill it with. . . .
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C&M Waste Management Apr 16
Here’s some for you 💪🏼why not order a over the Easter 🐣 🐰holidays and get that house or garden summer ready 🌞 all sizes delivered and collected at your convenience 😃. Don’t delay get that skip ordered today! 😉
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Cameron Gibson Apr 16
Sleeping is just a real life skip button...
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is way more popular than in San Francisco
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Jhonny Del Ray ツ 👁 👽 Apr 13
When you rewatch do you watch the or it?
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LukeWarm Apr 15
2 breaks of 15 seconds each to see a 4-minute . Without the button.
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