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jessie sheehan bakes Oct 24
peeps! my recipe for EASY-PEASY SNACKING CAKE with fudge-y chocolate cream cheese frosting is up on (and linked in my bio). this cake could not be simpler to throw together, nor more delicious, if i do say so myself.
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jessie sheehan bakes Oct 23
PEEPS!! PSA: my recipe for cinnamon sugar pumpkin donuts is up on and FYI they are BAKED which means they are easy-peasy to assemble (cause easy-peasy is my jam, in case u did not know). . . . . .
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jessie sheehan bakes Oct 26
peeps, apple fritters are my jam cause they are the easiest-peasiest fried donut out there (and easy peasy and donuts are my other two jams, FYI). link to recipe in profile. . . . . .…
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