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seonaid mcgill 18h
Another benefit of mandatory mask-wearing: Desmond-Swayne-Free-Shopping
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💧 janbirk (jannyB) Jul 7
WTF is wrong with . He offers NO support to the public or constituents, no empathy for sick, no backing up the govt ...just whinge, piss & moan! He’s NOT a leader’s boot lace
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CallMeByYourPizza 15h
"Stephanie, rinse the disheveled nail file, please."
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Fahad Khan ABDALI 3h
If you don't know the whole story 👉🖐🏻
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seonaid mcgill 58m
Result of trusting British common sense: Brexit chaos; 3rd rate journalists running UK; Desmond Swayne as an MP; Boris Johnson; highest Covid19 death toll in Europe; bitter mediocrity Cummings
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juugrich_ hector 6h
Old me VS New Me I’m more better more greater better father more spiritual more humble patience is a virtue #🦅Juugrich 🤣🤣🤣 business first
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Terry FitzGerald 11h
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
Holy shit your straight out of central casting for idiocracy part 2. Luckily for you your “base” is a bunch of Russian bots are people with the IQ of a fourth grader .
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DD Martins 22h
Academic Dishonesty- The so called Prof. Adei has been dishonest since 2007.
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D.K. 9h
Replying to @NYGovCuomo
Says the guy who inflated COVID death numbers to cause fear amongst ppl so they’d listen, and is now biasing them in the negative direction as protests go on.
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Lisa Hamby Petty Jul 13
Some of your parents yelled at the coach for not playing you in the position you wanted to play instead of telling you to work harder and prove you deserve to be out there. And it shows.
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Truth Is Liberty 19h
Replying to @MAmedeker
Dominique, before Ex Prez Mahama returns to the Presidency, ask him to account for the cost of Two Overhead Road constructed at $440 million as compared to Nana Addo's Four at the cost of $284 million, even after Three years apart, NDC Road projects are not yet completed.
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Beto Calvillo 10h
New Zealand had their first legit concert while America is turning mask wearing into something political.
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Mint 13h
Replying to @esbilgictr
And please stop fking hatered indian army works on commands by officials
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Mishaal💫 Jul 10
Sadly all around the world women are forced to and not speak about their rights😶💔
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Options Jul 13
99% of tits can't be wrong, Jesus is real.
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Phillis Allan 9h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
You know all too well about choosing someones life don't ya...
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Samantha 19h
Hey look I found this picture on the internet of everyone on both the radical Left and radical Right side of politics. Yeah. You’re the two wings of the same fuckin bird. Neither side seems to be able to actually discuss anything with eachother, crybabies
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Justin Paul Guidry 12h
You can’t even control your own city.
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Brandon Turner 8h
DeFuND pOLiCE..... 🙄🙄🙄. Are there bad cops? Absolutely. But this is the majority.
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John R Jul 12
Replying to @ColinCowherd
Yep. NFL knelt and we stayed away for 2 years. Came back this past year. If they kneel or play another anthem I will be gone for another 2 years or maybe forever. I learned to live with it. As a Spurs fan, Pop has caused me to tune out. Patriotism > Fandom.
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