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Wycliffe sadiki Jul 20
Replying to @kipmurkomen @EAukot
Mark my words this's the time u will realize we're in a country, these MCA's wil be compromised, intimidated,and this initiative won't see the light of the day, Forces of impunity are already strategizing how to kill this important initiative
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Ben Bidi 🇳🇬 Jul 20
"Heaven has a strict immigration policies. Hell has open borders." ~Trump While Trump is working hard to stop illegals from taking jobs meant for Americans, the other baba is working hard to seize our ancestral lands & hand over to aliens.
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Thabiso 16h
Replying to @molisem @Sentletse
Honestly, judging by the US economy and then looking at our , we wished we had someone like as .
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Andy marsden Jul 18
Never seen so many piss heads, crack heads and scruffy cunts.
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Samson 9h
Wish I could decide which country to call my home. This could is a 'non-developing' and 'unprogressive' nation. Being a Guyanese would have been better
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D. Snutz Jul 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
When is Melania going back to the Country she came from.
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The deedle Jul 21
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गल्लीतला Nolan Jul 16
as each day passes by, Mumbai feels like more of a shithole than a dreamy city . . would prefer to live in mountains & earn less rather than moving to shithole & earn more !!
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Carol Jul 19
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Paul 🐸 #FOEU Jul 18
Seeing it disappear in my rear view mirror !!
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Jeffery Povero Jul 20
Any airport that requires you to take a bus from the plane to the terminal actually is a
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Clive Jarvis Jul 21
I can’t believe they closed down such a legendary tourist attraction 😕😂😂
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ike Jul 18
Replying to @All4pennst
What do we call it? Womanhole? That’s just perverted. NonBinaryhole? Nongenderhole? I suggest
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The Elleventeenth member of Wu-tang Jul 15
No water at RG Mugabe Airport, you have to use a fuckin bucket if you do number one. Banana fuckin republic your new dispensation.
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Steve 6h
Replying to @BernieSanders
You sound like Hillary advocating Regime Change in Libya 🇱🇾 that will result in Puerto Rico becoming a .....
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Carol Jul 17
Replying to @SantaMonicaProb
🚨 Keep in mind, on this same beach during this past Memorial Day, criminal vagrants harassed & attacked elderly veterans who were having a Memorial Day rememberance ceremony. God Bless America 🇺🇸 but is a .
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Krob Jul 17
Replying to @ihatecanaduh
That’s Canadastan taking its toll on you- don’t get sucked in! keep the masses bent over, so they don’t have the time or energy to question it and protest. Nowhere is perfect but the wage :cost of living ratio here is ludicrous as it is with most countries.
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Carol 3h
As ⁦⁩ does his next photo opp in a construction hat & glossy clean flourescent work jacket, more citizens set up & line the streets of LA to die. CA’s radical policies have failed the sick, the addicts & the citizens.
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Latest Oasis News Jul 20
On July 21st 2000, Oasis played the first of two nights at Wembley Stadium. The gig would be released later in the year on six different formats as 'Familiar To Millions', watch it in the link below.
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Shithole Barcelona Jul 20
Replying to @JakesEmbassy
The Crime! Barcelona
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