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Alison Acton Oct 26
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Kim Samson 4 Jun 16
Wearing my new "chaotic good" shirt! Yippy-ki-yay!
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Ricky Payne 6 Mar 16
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OUP on eBay 10 Oct 18
NEW TODAY on Jurassic Punk Mens Size 2X / XXL White Crewneck Rock Music T Shirt via
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Wenceslao Almazan 9 Nov 18
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Alison Acton Nov 1
Got an Amazon account? Go VOTE for my violent Christmas design :)
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Public Notice: Raccoons have reached critical mass. Vermin will be gathered up, tranked, and tossed over the Eagleton fence in the softball park. Show your city pride:
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"Fun isn't something one considers when counting to infinity, ha ha ha!" - Count Be a mathlete:
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🧠 Elon’s Brain 🧠 1 Aug 18
One of my favorite designs.
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Wenceslao Almazan Dec 12
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Remember when sunlight was your only watch and you had dirt tan lines from never bathing? Congrats to acraigl for winning the Derby design competition! Wear responsibly:
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Wenceslao Almazan 21 Oct 16
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We miss being patronized for not being kind and rewinding our video rentals. patrickspens captured the simpler times in the Derby design competition! Wear your kindness:
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Our artists took us on a trip down memory lane in the Derby design competition: Teenage Dirtbags! We're just glad we survived the Y2K apocalypse! Grab your faves here:
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kharmazero 26 Oct 18
Surfin' on a Rainbow for $15+free shipping
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Nothing screams "Warm and Cozy" like Video Gaming/Miami Vice/Star Wars tees. Trust us, we're experts. 😉 Winter is coming, stay warm:
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Marshall Carr Jr. 11 Oct 15
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We're so excited! And we just can't hide it! We want you to lose control and we think you'll like it! Sadly (for you), you'll have to wait until Monday to check it out! After you check back over the weekend for our Derby Winners, see us on Monday to for the reveal!
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Monster Sweets Hunter 7 Oct 18
Stole one of my husband's shirts to sleep in.
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Deck the halls w/crushed up holly FALALALALALALALALA! wins 3rd place in the Subversive Holidays Derby! Celebrate the holidays
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