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hibo wardere 5h
Replying to @darrsam1 @EndingFGM
Sam my darling you do it too. You use past as your tool and because that many love your blog because you write from the heart. I read your blogs and i easily connect with. You are truly my amazing
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The Feminist Library 5h
U 2 can be a Feminist Library ! We still need ur help 2 ensure its long term security. We need 150 Friends 2 sign up 2 give £4/m 2 give us 100% sustainable source of income. B a shero 2day + help secure the Library 4 generations of feminists 2 come💪
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Denise Amenta Apr 16
Replying to @Karoli @ZerlinaMaxwell
won’t take s***!
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Kyle Taylor Lucas (Hereditary Chief) 3h
. Awww....I love 's reporting, but she was such a warrior beating off that lizard!
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Shannon Apr 18
Saving the day once again🙌🏾
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Eugene V. Debs Diaries 🥀 Apr 17
Replying to @thehill @SpeakerPelosi
Yesss party unity! You go ! Thank you for uniting the party like you promised! You totally aren’t petty or vindictive at all!
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Global Digital Women 9h
"What is worth spending (a lot of) money on? - Quality." Good answer! What do you think is important when it comes to your finances? Here's 's financial of the week, , on what's important to her✨🙌
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Kathleen Richardson 9h
Replying to @goathleticsceo
Selina is a - let’s support our girls.
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The Queen Apr 17
Replying to @_SJPeace_
“Oh, and I called the police.”
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A Royal Happy Birthday to our very own dope, boss Qing, super director & creator You inspire us, we celebrate your existence, you rock! 🖤👑🖤 @ In Our Hearts
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Dariel Garner 9m
Calling the in you. Create a new culture of ! Handbook & inspiration.
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Paul Geller Apr 14
A shout out to a great person, Aman Shergill. Thank you, Aman, for being a terrific booster for your school and community!
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Steven Quinn Apr 17
WWBD or What Would Beyonce Do? Is my new motto.
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Nancy Kacungira Apr 15
Replying to @kacungira
Now she uses her scars and her story to help others find healing. Her passion is to create more awareness on mental health disorders and help people understand how they can be there for those facing these challenges.
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Katelyn Apr 12
I’m dedicating my first tweet to because I’m an 8th grader wanting to be a politician as badass as you. Do you have any advice for a girl like me? Where do I start if I want to get involved in ?
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Laura Gassner Otting 14h
I know, I'm still pinching myself!
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Sarah Saheb Apr 12
. giving an absolute moving testimony on the need for mental health resources and suicide prevention in Colorado. Your story is powerful. Thanks for fighting for those kids struggling with mental illness.
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Lauren N. Haumesser 23h
of the week: my friend who brought her partner to her appointment to have her inserted, so he could better understand how the full (and often painful and uncomfortable) responsibility of preventing unwanted pregnancy falls on women. 1/2
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Amy Lamb Woods 21h
Grace Kim thoughtfully presents on community housing and the responsibility of architects to repair the decades of damage created by redlining and segregation. Cohousing, econeighborhoods, vision, and social responsibility!
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Angelica Guerrero Apr 17
“The World Is Not a Rectangle “ about Zaha Hadid is a wonderful one about design & process of an architect. Also, being a woman of color, she’s a great for our students!
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