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민아 Oct 17
Ever since the day you came in my life, I know that you are the one I'll truly love till the end.♥️ Thanks masternim
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Van- Oct 14
Only for you.
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Van- Oct 16
We bloom until we ache.
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Carly 1h
Watching The One Where Emma Cries on 10/18 when Ross mentions that his bday is 10/18 and it also happens to be my parents’ anniversary.
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#Jimtober!👑#HappyFairyMonth🧡❤ 14h
"I am you. You are me" 💛💛
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ㄴㅇ™ 🍋 그녀가 떠났어 14h
Replying to @lominsii
| twitter banner 1500 x 500
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SuperStar BTS Oct 11
You wait for a long long time! finally updated! Intro : Serendipity PLAY RIGHT NOW! Birthday! Light every birthday cake candle! Get Rewards! ... - 푸른곰팡이1-
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its freakin bats 🦇🦇 i love Halloween 🎃🎃 8h
Just made this for my big sis hope you enjoy it sis 😊😊 ill send it to you soon!
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OG Justin Seagull --- 💜💜 BTS LY TOUR 💜💜 Oct 13
Replying to @BTS_twt
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Sushritha Sudarshini 7h
The "people you may know" list on could be the 5 dollar bill in the movie . If it is meant to be. But no. You uncannily end up seeing the same faces you consciously ignore everyday, in person. Like please look into my heart than on my retina.
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Cerys 5h
I'll never get over this smile ☀️
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ShugoBell 8h
He is such an Angel! Serendipity was so beautiful, I almost cryed. Jimin is such a beautiful human and I've got the chance to saw him live on stage T-T I will wait for the Concert next year❤
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Kyla 🌸 #TAESTHETIC 21h
JIMIN sweetie that blue mold hair. 😘
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nini 7h
i figured y'all jimin lovers wanted to see this. yes that was me in the end. yes i might have spat out a piece of my vocal cords in the process. - berlin, october 16th
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Lily ☺️💐 2h
This is stunning, beyond the beauty, indescribable
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bangtanlicious 12h
Guess what happened when I almost dropped the phone LOL. Park Jimin killing Army's pt 1
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Lennart Björneborn 23h
Yes, is "interrupting the comfortably familiar with "hmm, that's interesting"" Thx for this great phrasing! cc
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BTYES Podcast 12h
Thursday is Angel Fairy Jimin Day. Why? Because we want it to be. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The universe has…
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Mari_vatter💜⚘ Oct 16
Best AD you will ever get on youtube
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Thanks Nicola. I hoped you'd read it as thought it was something you'd relate to both personally and in your own teaching. Im talking about STH tomorrow, kindof feels like the planets are lining up
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