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Tal Jul 18
Love Will Tear Us Apart started as soon as I parked the car, so of course I'm sat here in the car, in front of my house, with the radio on full volume.
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Jade Plumley Jul 17
Replying to @bluebirds_the
He has scored what 10 goals in 2 season, Paterson has scored more than him. Let’s look for a new option batter to get money for him now than to let him go on a free next summer.
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ShoWhite 🤟🏼 23h
Replying to @Geeit
That’s a medium I have and Ive got room for my thermals in winter. . My 12yo is taller and skinnier than me and she has a med which is v baggy but she likes tops like that
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Here are the y7 boys checking in to get some water and reapply sun cream.
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Hayley Skinner 17h
I need an Ovie in my life
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Ashish Bhave, Money and Life Freedom Coach. Jul 17
Replying to @arbfinancials
Only one category who made by trading and they are . What you think. If you think you can also make money by trading in share then all the best and if you want to plan your finance in scientific way with setting , target then you are .
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Sensible People Jul 17
Guys, a little advice for where you should be listening to . Download the and earn $$$ to listen to your favorite pods. Literal payment to be entertained!
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Euan Rellie 14h
Jeremy Hunt said Britain was "not looking at military options, we are looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation."
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Karen Knight Jul 12
Replying to @TiglathPileserI
I’m already home.
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Ⓜ️ - 💥 Jul 15
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Leanne Merriman Jul 17
Really want to do the ageing app and see what I will look like old. However I don’t want a dodgy Russian company to have all my information on my phone. Decisions decisions! 😫no fun being sensible
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Omar Yafai Jul 13
When you see School Children or Pedestrians near Muddy or water logged Road Please Slow Down Your Car. Few seconds delay may not affect your journey but because of your high Speed Car can affect Entire Day of a Student Which may affect his or her Career. a .
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Emma Adwoa Sawyerr Jul 11
, adj. sparing or economical as regards money or food. : thrifty sparing saving; , ; abstemious abstinent austere self-denying, ascetic, non-indulgent, -disciplined spartan,
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Mrs H Jul 16
do you stock Seedlip?? Don’t wanna get too drunk with my colleagues when we visit later in the week!!
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AlbertTatlock Jul 12
Replying to @IAmChrisRamsey
Just had a bath listening to it, then had a shower to wash my hair
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Danny Wakeling Jul 18
Saving money just putting new initials on the last managers tracksuits though due to being around the same size I’d imagine 😉😂
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Agee Won Jul 15
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Peter Kilmister Jul 18
As a last action as PM you could revoke Article 50. You invoked it. Time to call it a day?
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Bob Jul 17
Replying to @senatemajldr @GOP
can’t even partner with itself. All the ppl have left you.
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Mr G Jul 14
& go steady please🙏🙏 🏏🏏
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