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Steve 4h
Elizabeth Warren what high crime has he committed? You’ve lied to America many times and you want his office?! You’re unworthy
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The Trump Bib 3h
You are a horrible example of a and if you allow your party to support and his mob associates. Just because he has money doesn't make him your . Personally, I would kick you out of the church. .
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RogueMed 3h
Senator Maureen Walsh - IF we medical people have time to even eat - and that’s a big IF - we certainly aren’t going to use those 30 seconds to “play cards”. How dare you insult my nurses. Humbly and respectfully we invite you to shadow a shift in the ER.
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Jon Ward 2h
Replying to @SenatorRomney @POTUS
I am sickened that I wrote you a $5200 check in 2012 and laugh at your hypocrisy in asking for a cabinet position that turned you down for and now you are only a because of your religion demanding that good vote for you
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Dave Rose 4h
has got to be right up there with (2) , Hey lizzy the they want their back .
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Jenny H. 4h
Replying to @JenH0821
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Jesse Garcia Apr 18
Ken LaValle: I am pleased to report the indications are that the Governor is going to sign the menhaden protection bill into law. It's legislation that I have sponsored and fought for years to get approved. Click for more.
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LTSRowe  🇺🇸 4h
Replying to @Solmemes1
Better yet , we'll just have your next political opponent place an order for a fraudulent dossier, and then watch you withstand the same scrutiny. I'm confident and your flacid soul wouldn't last a week.
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Jeff Okrina 8h
Replying to @OWHnews
Smart move! Rumblings of who I heard they were looking at were weak at best!
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Raymond Lesniak, the former and driving force behind the repeal, will be speaking at next week's conference and also signing copies of his new book:
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Gladstone Speaks Apr 18
Replying to @storertim
Thank you for a job well done. Refreshing to have witnessed an intelligent analytical approach to decision making by a rather than succumbing to idealogy, govt pressure or the usual horse trading style adopted by many of your fellow senators.
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Replying to @GregoryHarrisII
I guess being the junior from Utah is a greater prize than being a righteous man. I hope your church is comfortable with you being a member.
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Ben Rund ☁️ 17h
Decided to give up after 9 minutes waiting on hotline. Please call me back 01727452083. - is this service for your best customers?
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Beadnurse 3h
Warren We now know what we have known all along: the Democrats are a bunch of wimps who will never impeach trump. Time for a 3rd party. Repubs and Dems are corrupt.
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madmilker Apr 18
, I can't believe those 2 governors that were on Air Force One back in 1963 actually told you why was gonna sign a Rights Bill in 1964 especially after what he did as a in 1957🙄 But.. upped till our showed up it was working like he had planned😂
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Shail Paliwal 6h
He left because of poor organizational leadership. Otherwise he’d have signed and still be a
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Umair Ahmed Rana Apr 18
So, Who is going to be the next . . . ? . . He is not Not even a . whats constitutional for him to be? ?
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Tamer Yazar Apr 18
my favorite Farah Asgarally, 7 from , waits by the stage ahead of U.S. 's Hometown Kickoff event, part of the senator's “ ” tour, the first such national tour of his presidential campaign in Newark, Jersey ...
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Lee Coleman 8h
So now you get to and vote often to remove . Write you and They have the first steps. They work for you. The government works for you. The let's NEVER forget this in #2020
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Senator Papahatzhiharalambrous Apr 13
Not every candidate has come up with public policy, whilst stuck in traffic, on a once free-freeway, or thunking in a pub. ! Party Manifesto: Liberté. Egalité. and Frothiés. Taki (n) Thepis (s) Papahatziharalambrous 🏴 Vote 1 and 👊
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