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Ivra CoCo Shines 8h
It hurts me to hate you but loving you is worse!
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Prosperity Social Dec 12
Do not press yourself if the week didn't start off the way you wanted. Its Wednesday, hit the reset button and claim that from this day forward, it will be positivity. While helping others, remember to maintain yourself.
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Annoying Me Again Dec 11
Replying to @uk_domain_names
Shane she's too stubborn to do that. Who would so steadfastly remain committed to something she voted against in the first place?
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Rom€ Marciel 9h
I Ain't Use To Mfs Talking Down' Spreading Dr Suess Tales Or Even Cause Where I Come From Everyone They Own Man/Woman Putting In Work Young To Older Who !!! Appreciate It Tho Helped My Brand Grow
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Jayare Soul Dec 11
If it’s THAT hot, just get out the kitchen. Ain’t no sense of sweating to death 💆🏾‍♂️
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Johnny Sunshine Dec 9
Replying to @Newsweek
Dems need to start framing the argument that this is in republicans best interest to clean house or risk permanently scaring the GOP brand as supporting fraud, corruption and equality under law. That’s how they start changing minds.
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Rom€ Marciel 2h
Pearl'z L Light'z Flame And Continued 🌊🌊🌊
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Rom€ Marciel Dec 11
Still Funny!!! Oh They In The Way Of Me 😅😄😀!!! This Coming Summer After I'm Signing More In Yall Way Someone Actually Wanted To Hear. As The Hundreds Of Thousands Almost Millions Who Listen To ...... !!!
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Rom€ Marciel Dec 10
Pointless Cause It Doesn't Change Anything . Their Situation Or Yours Nothing Changes ??? Even Spreading Stories In Make Belief. Wish Someone Downfall Could Of Made Your Come Up . Say More Than With No Result . Put In Work As They Did Instead 2/2
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TeeBoogie😺 Dec 11
I don't know if anyone needs to hear this but, you can love someone from a distance if they are interfering with your wellbeing 😊😊😊
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j 18h
I wish I had it in me to argue on this platform but I barely have it in me to finish my assignments so
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Dee 🦖 Dec 9
However beautiful that shit is, I’m letting go...
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CausticComment Dec 8
Replying to @LoreCurious
I'ma push my in front of those bears...yeah, I'm all about 🤣
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Kelli Stewart Dec 11
Remember... when someone else is having a bad day it has nothing to do with you. Choose how you engage... don't step right into the 🔥
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Earl Campbell Dec 9
Trying to work more on being off my phone and social media. More mediation...focusing on family...building my brand and career. Getting back to my roots...
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Dr. Heather Richardson 21h
Replying to @CousinAmygdala
Note he left conspecifics from his close social group behind to fend for themselves.
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Lessy Dec 9
Replying to @Rob_Tychkowski
I don’t like Kassian’s chances... unsurprisingly will avoid Lucic all night though
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Rom€ Marciel Dec 12
If A Worth 10k Didn't Clear For With My Name In The Credit's...... Then Don't Follow Anything I Do. Cause That Lil Money Will Quadruple & Everything Will Get Took Down Wherever It's Posted. I Do This For A Living...... Not For 🆓
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kayowtik Dec 9
Ayaw mapahiya so he throws you under the bus
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Mandy Huyler Dec 4
She used to call me because I was strong and independant. Maybe I was born that way, It's just # tanka
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