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Steep’s Mad Jul 18
Hey can you release the music from please???
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CRIM❗️ Jul 16
Did u know my new album out now
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Paul 15h
Get rid of the pedestrians as well ! Got a cheek crossing the road on a green man .. Pedestrians make me sick getting in cyclists way..
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Antony Brown Jul 19
Cycle lanes, safety measure's et al, you can't improve the safety of a lot of cyclists. The first few seconds of the film highlights what I see day in day out on the roads. Cyclist stops, looks and then goes. His light clearly on red with a pedestrian trying to cross.
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Althaf Roshan Jul 20
I love myself. BE SELFISH!!!
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Shellie Power 14h
Replying to @mp3playa81
Those pregnancy cravings aren't meant for u
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Briyanna Jul 18
Ever really wanted to scream at someone “ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU” 🙄
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IPA-A-DAY Jul 15
Replying to @xrleeds
Seems like the police were well aware what was happening here. Disappointing they didn’t deploy dogs, batons and tasers. Sympathy from a small minority, contempt from a hard working majority who want to get on with lives and home to loved ones
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Preston dock bridge 5h
A lot said about over on Facebook recently. The accused seem to think that its OK to keep everyone awake as it is their "right" to do what they want. Why wait till 10:00 pm to do doughnuts, misfire their car or race around over the speed limit
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⚓︎ R⃟e⃟b⃟e⃟c⃟c⃟a⃟ G⃟z⃟a⃟l⃟e⃟z⃟ ❤︎ Jul 13
Replying to @ashrg85_Tae @BTS_twt
My dog is never down to dance with me 😜😂
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mosh baby Jul 18
Replying to @MEGHAritaville
And you’re not live tweeting???
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Jake 8h
Stop playing, I hear all the funny stuff he does, we want too see too..!!! lol
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Gary Buckley 🐝 Jul 12
Fucking fuming 😡😡😡 bacteria has better living conditions
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Cindy Branga 9h
. My mother’s 2 sisters had breast cancer. My mother hasn’t had a mammogram in 15 years. She says she’ll deal with it if something happens.
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just imagine what would had hpnd 2 dis Selfish MSD if stalwarts like Sunny ,Srikanth, M.Amarnath, Navjot Sidhu, Manjrekar,V.kambli etc hadn't retired.... MSD wouldn't even able to play Ranji Trophy in his Era, he is blocking some other talented youngsters place Dhoni
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M*s*c*l R*s*st*nc* Jul 17
So the primary school kids in this street couldn't get to sleep last night because Iranian neighbours came back from ME with a crowd of friends. Fuck you
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Glenn Philp Jul 19
Are we or have we become a and society? I mean even in their first episode this season is teaching us to be selfish and the teachings of generations before were wrong as explains. I stand with dignity, values, and inclusion
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Mitch Kosterman 21h
Cultural question for you folks: Is it just me or has wearing a suit come to generally represent being an asshole?
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Dimitri Vegas Jul 19
To Celebrate becoming #1 on Club Chart we drop the Selfish version of the aftermovie!
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Quanofficial Jul 18
Replying to @bevs_the_best
I keep both.
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