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Shiva Edrami Apr 23
We love to say we "lock-in customers with freedom". Thanks CIO Insider for covering our effort in the world of Free Software. We will continue to advocate, inspire, promote and implement Free Software for all businesses, Govts and institutions
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@MatStace Apr 18
Ahh, the long weekend arrives, but I'm still sitting here thinking "so many projects, so little time..." I think the one project I'll make sure I get done this weekend is setting up my HC-2 ready to take to an undisclosed…
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Marcus Moeller Apr 18
Final Preparations for the Workshop which happens today at in . Got a bit of a cold and hope that I can speak loud enough. Luckily we got a lot of support of the team.
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Smart Investor Apr 17
Replying to @connor_sliney
Truth does hurt that is why had my medium account shutdown. They don't want naive fools to know the & price is going 2 tank with no substsantive developers. Another with head in the sand. See U at 8~11 sats. Mark my words. 😀😀
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Torben Stephan 🇨🇭 Apr 17
Mein Co-host Ralf Hersel hat einen Workshop über gegeben. Die „Dokumentation“ dazu hat er bei veröffentlicht.
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