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Zuri’s Mother 2h
It’s not that you’re a racist that bothers me, jojo, it’s that you think we care what bothers you AND that you don’t know the definition of “racist,” yet use the word so freely. You really need help & a lesson on what racism is.
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The Elite Are We 12h
I can't even imagine what you went through but I know what it's like losing your mom and it blows! I did and do have family members that have battled with depression and it's nothing to play around with. It has taken too many lives before their time.
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Vanessa Butler 2h
Tell Trump to as well as yourself for the hate in your heart and the hate Trump and whites spread everyday because of racism.
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walkedaway_ Jul 16
Why is this their go to excuse? I’ve heard liberals say much worse.
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MrMerrimac Jul 16
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
That is because you are insane.
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isaynewsEU Jul 17
Are you living with social anxiety? Maybe this will help. You or the ones around you. Retweet to get the message out as much as possible.
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Witch Hunter 2.0 Jul 16
Maybe you should stop believing Russian propaganda...what do you think?
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LuRain 💋 14h
Replying to @kylegriffin1
our systems have been invaded by pervs, and predators. esp those who have power over the poor, over women & children unless we change our tolerance for their behavior, the weak will continue to be victimized by them how to defend ourselves against them is the question
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Fistful Of Steel 14h
Replying to @PolizziThomas
Gotta love how he played a shit ton of golf and they never said a damn thing about it.
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Sonny Viza Jul 16
Hey and When drowning in a quicksand of depression, the more you move trying to get out on your own the faster you'll drown. Sometimes It's just impossible to get out alone. Scream for help and it shall come.
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Cody DaSilva 13h
Replying to @JessicaTaylor
Weve all said worse.. TDS is strong within you!
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Bri Jul 11
Couldn’t sleep bc I heard 2 people I’ve passed through in life had hard times and OD’d. They were doing so well to, it’s so sad. If anyone is out there is in the same position, please seek help for you and for anyone else who may be in trouble.
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gary cain Jul 11
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You sound so unhinged.
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Shreyas Pendharkar🇮🇳 20h
Replying to @drewtarvin
Stop requesting Non Psychiatrist medical professionals to prescribe you, to manage 'That Stress' which just doesn't seem to go away!
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Christopher Robbin Jul 16
If the dnt get some fucking pitchers we r gonna be fucked this season smh..we have a great offense who can put up runs but our bullpen blows our leads too many times
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Parijna Jul 10
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#GLO Jul 16
Females will dead ass have an attitude FOR LIKING PICS ON IG!!!!! Like y’all dead ass think hitting that like button is like fuckin a bitch 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
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CiCi💋✨ Jul 16
Who really takes the time out their day to text somebody off a text free 🥴✌🏽
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DrPupfish Jul 15
Because she didnt say what you accuse her of. According. To. The. Video. You. Posted. AND a Jr Representative, misquoted & out of context, while discussing intern’tl affairs & on a random panel doesn’t = POTUS telling brown citizens to “go home”. Not even close.
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Certifiedbaby Jul 15
That means YOU! Still creeping my shit even after I've blocked your ass. Psycho ass bitch.
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