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Edem Kumodzi 🇬🇭🇹🇬 Sep 19
Engineer oooo, developer oooo, programmer oooo, call us what you want. We are here to 🌚😎
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yangcoin Sep 16
Hey , let's get up to a $1000 a month in support.
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James Treakle Sep 15
Replying to @JamesTreakle
Suddenly, Yang won’t be the weird Internet guy with a white male fanbase. He’ll be the high water mark for social justice policy, backed by a broad coalition of supporters. And I think he’ll win the whole damn thing. END.
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Single Mothers For Yang Sep 20
Never thought I’d be on Twitter!!! Joined a little less than a month ago. For and the . I’m almost to 200 followers.. can I get a lil help?!? 🧢🇺🇸🦅🌈💰💓🙏🏻
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David Sep 20
Crazy AB gets an allegation and he’s cut. Robert Kraft paid for sex in an illegal prostitution ring and nothing happens. What it’s like to have money 💰 😂
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Niggas be amazed looking at another bitch while other niggas looking at his bitch amazed 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
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Yang Tasks Sep 18
International - this is your roll call! Reply and tell us your country (or at least your timezone) below. We have a lot of ways you can help for the US and change the world for everyone else!
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Zack Gianino Sep 19
I get into a lot of debates w/ Bernie Sanders supporters about: a Federal Jobs Guarantee vs. Universal Basic Income...&...well...this basically sums it up; even though there are MANY more negatives for a FJG that aren’t listen.⚠️
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Yang Tasks Sep 16
Hey . This week's is to sign up someone new for and talk about what do for you. There's no good reason for everyone in America not to sign up for the . Let's . 🦅💰
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Kasabiiti Ntambirweki 17h
Brand new week, glory to God! 🤑💰
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Yang's Ghost Leg 🇺🇸🖖 Sep 19
I will turn around and donate this to the campaign.
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Nae🐻🖤 5h
Few New Vibes❤️ 💰🦍
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Mr. Busko Sep 21
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Gio Casiano Sep 21
Job 1 done job 2 here I come., lets get this money.,
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GIFShinobi Sep 17
Its just a matter of time until have this conversation with
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Coach Allen M.S Ed Sep 20
Extremely proud of our pulling out the win! Extremely excited to see all of our hard work pay off.
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Christian Gedde 3h
IAM SO HYPED FOR YOU GUYS You guys just destroyed the best trio in EU!!!
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johanna cuervo 23h
Spent the last year saving (well spending less than usual) ha! Time to get my wings back. Until I start saving again lol
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Jim 20m
Replying to @AndrewYang
You’ll get so much candy!
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Reid Pinkerton 7h
I’m checking the number 12,000 and it says Andrew Yang - POTUS.
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