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conexión 29m
trump’s campaign would be in pretty good shape if it weren’t for old white people. trump’s closing message to seniors: “I Don’t Care If You Die.” Florida and Texas Thinking the herd mentality ... while trump wishes to avoid the , prison or worse.
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Kevin Jones Sep 21
Replying to @politico
The SS tRump is taking on water and sinking at the head...abandon ship. ....
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]intheMatrixxx[ 6h
Replying to @intheMatrixxx
📢August 2020 Update to 9,997 new 193,786 entered 10/30/17 thru 8/31/20 Avg: 5,700 per month Back-up files:
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Patriot USA Sep 14
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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Brenner Qlmsted17 Sep 14
Who thinks we’ll see REAL (even if just partial) justice before the election?
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🇺🇸 Dr Hasbara 🇮🇱 72 🇵🇸 0 Sep 14
I didn't realize you were a . How are those coming along?
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Fernand Oliv Sep 19
Replying to @brunobd11 @afpfr
Je pense plutôt que ça permettra de procéder en bonne et due forme aux arrestations lors de l'ouverture des +190 000 Inculpations Scellées en attente...
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