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michelle chan 1m
Replying to @SallyRafie
When I click on the hashtag it’ll show you it comes up as social determinants of health but some hashtags when I click on come up with multiple different things.
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Lucy Barker 2h
"A recent CDC report attributed the lion’s share of avoidable deaths to broader failures of social support: not seeking timely care, not following medication plans, abusive relationships, unstable housing, and substance use."
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André Picard Oct 20
The health system in Canada’s North is failing — but not by accident. ‘It is designed to do what it is doing,’ by via
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Dave Chase Oct 17
Replying to @chasedave
We have a gross misallocation of resources stealing from
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Madhu⚕️Singh 3h
Just read this & see how challenging life is at the front lines-both for patients & clinicians.
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Anne Rucchetto 17m
Article I wrote for on the Toronto election tomorrow, candidates' platforms, and how they may affect health disparities in the city:
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Ahmed Ali 2h
He had an idea to reduce food waste. It helped feed 2 million people.
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Cansu E. Dedeoglu 12h
Everyday Discrimination Literally Raises Women’s Blood Pressure
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Björg Pálsdóttir 2h
we are failing all genders when "men’s exposure to and propensity for risk is considered the ‘natural state of affairs’ rather than shaped by , norms" are not considered in policies and programs Thanks for important article!
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Chris Chanyasulkit 1h
How Kansas City Is Using The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit To Advance Health
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Brian Rahmer 3h
Replying to @brianrahmer
Climate Change, Health and Existential Risks to Civilization: A Comprehensive Review (1989–2013) “If civilization is to endure we may need to collectively overcome our seemingly deep wiring for tribalism and separation.” Butler, 2018
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MedicalHome 4h
Respectfully Dispels Barriers: Podcast 3:59 min
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Maryam the Rafiq, MPH 🐉 2h
All the lonely people: Loneliness is a serious public-health problem via
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michelle chan 4m
Replying to @chanmichellec
Lots of interesting discussion surrounding on the
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With "You're entering into a relationship with a person as a partner"
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Pablo Buitron 18h
Review on residency training
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Renee Broadbent 2h
Great article about the importance of in the health of individuals. Data can't just be from claims, other factors and data are important. : Optum touts social determinants, Medicaid popularity up via
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Chris Espersen 22h
Thank you for having me talk about ...fantastic centers you work with. Inspirational !
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Dr. Karen DeSalvo Oct 18
3D homes that take 24 hours and less than $4,000 to print - Business Insider
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Elaine Hernandez Oct 18
Health inequality/disparity scholars: Can anyone point me to a citation that talks about these diagrams from a theoretical perspective? With A we improve outcomes for low SES people, opposite for B. Difference between the two the same over time.
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