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Bronwyn Archer 8h
I think I finally cracked . Am scrivening now. And it's awesome.
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Heather Norman Smith Sep 21
For those who use , what’s the biggest benefit over MSWord?
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Donna Carbone Sep 20
Replying to @ekettle
Same happened to me. I had to divide it into chapters by the copy & paste method. It wasn’t awful but also not ideal
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Erin Kettle Sep 20
Does anyone know of a way to import an existing manuscript into ? I tried Import<Import & Split and it just imported the entire MS into one chapter. THX!
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Katlyn Duncan Sep 24
Discovered another useful feature of this morning: Document Targets! <3
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Dr Helen Underhill 16h
Read a Phd that passed. Not a groundbreaking, ‘this was the best thesis I have read’ one, but one that did the job. Some days, it really helps to know you don’t have to aim for perfection. AND get for planning and writing. Good luck.
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Anne Rainbow 23h
In the run up to NaNoWriMo, it's best to be prepared.
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klaatu, but trans Sep 20
Someone packaged as an AppImage! This makes me very happy -- I've had a really hard time finding a suitable writing environment since development stopped on the Linux beta. (The clones just don't cut it for me.)
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Ross3.75 Sep 22
Replying to @HNSblog
Organization without a doubt. For me, the bigger my MS grew, the harder it was to find pertinent info, to back track on characters/events for consistency. Research, character traits, all at your fingertips in
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Sandra R. Barron Sep 18
I am incapable of working with 2 doc versions. I'll mindlessly drift to making corrections on to the wrong one and then I don't know what's what. I had the idea of highlighting the entire text of the version I don't want to change. Can docs be locked in ?
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April Dávila Sep 19
Two thirds of the way through the draft! Woot woot.
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Mara Sep 23
It’s a good feeling when your chapter hits 3k. And, really, thank god for and the on my iPhone. I don’t think I’d be able to write otherwise since my back hurts.
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S. E. Ransdell 🌈🇨🇦🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 Sep 22
Omg my husband bought me an for the express purpose of hand writing notes & converting them to text (I use & or ) As a full-time writer who currently has at least 6 separate notepads going, I'm nearly in tears.
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Ross Bennett Sep 14
Replying to @db_wakefield
It will still be there if you buy. You can always copy and paste it into Word if you decide it's not for you. I think is great. Especially if you have a lot of research or moving parts to keep track of
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Ross3.75 Sep 17
Got to love . I decided I wanted to change the name of one of my characters. Changed it everywhere in my project within seconds. Never seemed to get that done properly when I was working in .
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Jessi is finishing CoT 1.5 Sep 23
Replying to @AeonTimeline
Look at all my sticky notes and This is all the outlining I can seem to do.
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Nicholas Reicher Sep 22
To paste something in using the default formatting, the key combo is ctrl+shift+V - remember that!
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A Robot Fable 14h
Robot AT-3S knows that Humans are just made-up fairy tales to keep robots productive and that just because some thing is hard to explain, doesn't mean Humans made it.
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🐾Fangirl Forever🐾💃❄ Sep 14
Replying to @kristen_kieffer
I've been using since April, but your course looked so awesome, and there's so much to learn, so many great tools to use within the program, I jumped in and signed up for the course as soon as I got the email. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. 💚💜💙
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Sarine Sofair Sep 21
Really interested to get for playwrighting... my question is, will it work fully on Windows RT?
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