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Eric Garcia 21 Jun 11
and I are trying to tell everyone!!! Alians are messing with our weather!!! They have the technology!!! :)
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Annoform 25 Apr 12
Replying to @TerribleDiet
can't you speak like a robot instead? Surely that'll have a longer lasting effect?
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ArielDeNey 30 May 11
Replying to @Glamazontyomi
I kinda liked it
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Kevin Tetreault Mar 2
Been working on this gouache and ink piece today, as well as starting up a new painting. Lots of new things starting up this weekend. Hope your day’s been rad.
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Mark Sidaway 19 Jan 14
Replying to @ForemanMichelle
Gracie has masterd all the obvious...dada, mama, bear, baba.... And recently "bye bye robot"
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