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hummus. idle. maniac. Jun 12
Alex just sang me this somebody once told me The world is macaroni So I took a bite out of a tree 100 years later I peed on earth Vader And he was shooting lasers at me He missed me by a metre And hit Justin beiber And the crowd was cheering for me
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RealBadMommy Jun 12
Currently in a text stoush with a mother who thinks she needs to involve herself everytime our kids have a tiff at school.... one of those “my kid is perfect types” fml just kill me now
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pamela jane morgan Jun 16
Go on, keep going, you know the rest! #wellington#wellingtonnz @ Wellington, New Zealand
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Je est un Autre Jun 16
Replying to @USWNT
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Richard Beaulieu Jun 12
'n L.A.
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メガネちょん Jun 9
目標:学校でだらけない!! 目標低い?? 今日の一曲:
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