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Third Eye View 3m
= or Whole = !! Who will touch them ?Sorry ........who can touch them ? From Rs 300 in Year 2008 to Rs 8 now This year down 71%
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aoki kei Apr 18
I need your help. Is coininvestbank honest? Is coininvestbank safe?
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Exposing SCAMs 2h
Here we go, "operational issues" again. Crypterium SX hasn't started last week too, as promised by fake CEO , it was just another lie he said during his last livestream.
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Bill Johnson 8m
It's unreal, they are a total scam. Never hit one deadline on time yet
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J E F E 14h
Paying tuition fees in cash is extremely depressing 😢,
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Stormtrooper_V 9h
Anyone else "entered" the win 2 cars competition by giving your cell number yet never receiving the "voucher number"? Tried 3 times already, wasted money on overpriced goods and have not received any reply whatsoever.
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Antony Rice Apr 13
Thank you for your support in the comments. I lost money and credibility to crypto exchanges while I was at Poloniex and I know that the problem was not me alone. But your comments and association in such a problem give strength. We will not repeat our mistake
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Laurie Kennedy 23h
Replying to @lauriekennlove
says they’re going home for a few days.... think they’ll need to get back out there????
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Cryptokiller 15h
Replying to @iNesor_Oba @Repmeio
Right here , laughing loud
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Bitbox1138 Apr 20
Replying to @MinerGate @monero
MinerGate stole their customers’ XMR . When will you repay your victims?
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❣️👸🏻Empress CeeCee👸🏻❣️ Apr 13
I guess he got butt hurt cause I wasn’t falling for the scam 🤷🏻‍♀️👸🏻😂
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jdg 8h
48 hours has come and gone. No callback from contractor 2 or HSA “supervisor”.
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Jimmy 3h
Replying to @NJCAPPO
LOL, you’re so full of shit. I remember last year you atleast had 2 good months at the beginning of the season, but after that you lost your whole bankroll and some. And after that shitty run, you didn’t even say anything on your VIP handle for the rest of season
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Swetha Pathi Apr 17
Cannot book advance tickets with and seems like every user is having this issue. Wonder what is doing!! sinemia is a big scam, users are being robbed
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Cybercrime Support 3h
alert! Security experts warn of scammers preying on Notre Dame donors. Read the full article by here:
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Odette 4h
Be careful my twitter friends! is a scam on Twitter.
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Lalit Kumar Modi Apr 20
how can the country forget the at the behest and 1000’s of crores lined the pockets of the - so talks about Chor Kaun chowkidar kaun. First his whole family should be locked for 5 decades of looting our nation. But he goes around..
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Rodders99 Apr 19
Someone follows you, you follow back. Then you get a DM with an account with a beautiful girl in the picture and five followers, saying "Hi sexy" I may have mental health problems but I'm not fucking stupid
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Jennifer Dwinall 20h
I wonder how much those contractors paid for my contact information from . All those 1 star reviews & that lawsuit tho...🤔 Faking background checks & taking advantage of small business ownership fucked up.
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Emmanuel Orevaoghene Ejuomah 22h
, is this the new fraud or what? Why send me this message of 5,000 naira airtime when you didn't credit me? Next thing you will use me as an example of those you gave free airtime.
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