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Gabrieλ Voλpe Jun 7
2.13.0 has been released! Coming with Literal Types and -YpartialUnification on by default + the redesigned collection library.
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Li Haoyi Jun 14
Published my Ammonite REPL for 2.13.0! This screenshot also shows off one of my favorite, little known features of Scala 2.13: conveniently pattern matching on strings, using an efficient linear-time finite automata. No more startsWith/drop or endsWith/dropRight pairs!
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Clint Valentine 19h
Why doesn't have a Unix-like "tee" method on iterables builtin? I often want to validate a condition inline to a very functional expression! Imagine: val x = iterable .tee(num => require(num > 0, "Uh oh!")) .map(numerator / _)
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Nitya Nand Yadav Jun 14
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Alex Nedelcu Jun 12
3 looks amazing — not a big departure, but it fixes some pain points with implicits, ADTs, macros and we'll finally have union types ❤️
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Igor Laborie Jun 7
Wouldn't 2.13 have been releazed?
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Akka Team Jun 11
Dear Hakkers, The contributors are glad to announce: Akka for 2.13 has landed at Maven Central. Enjoy!
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Adriaan Moors Jun 14
Things got right about implicits
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Yohan J. Rodríguez Jun 14
| Getting started with GraalVM for Scala
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Krzysztof Romanowski Jun 11
I can now reply with 'it will be gone in 3.x' to most critic for . Amazing work and I hope community will be at least half excited as I am. keynote
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Free Introduction to overview video
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soc 8h
"What can make more popular?" "Writing documentation? Nah, that's silly!" Looks like another poor soul wasting his time:
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Pawel Mikler Jun 12
My highest respect Mr. for all you did in the past years and still doing for the community! You’re a legend! 🇨🇭
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Seetaramayya Jun 13
Finally I took picture with logo.
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Bruno Bonanno Jun 11
mockito-scala 1.5.9 has been released adding support for 2.13
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Kenji Yoshida Jun 13
I would be honored to be receiving the Phil Bagwell Community Award. Thank you very much!
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Lgd. Viktor Klang Jun 15
Without further ado: here's the Slideshare version of my 2019 presentation on the improvements of Future in 2.13: (I managed to make a bit of editing and removing background images that was making the pdf-export be >300mb)
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You'll work hard and learn lots in Intermediate
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Li Haoyi Jun 15
Published a new blog post: How to work with HTTP JSON APIs in
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Justin Atwell Jun 13
Hello Twitter. What are some good and handles to follow?
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