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Ted Lieu 13h
Why is acting like a lapdog for ?
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Amir Khan Jun 16
Pakistan lost to India today come July 12th I will avenge the loss and knock out Neeraj Goyat on our upcoming fight in
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Marco Rubio Jun 13
Replying to @marcorubio
And yesterday’s attack on a civilian airport in by the Houthis using cruise missiles supplied by should be blamed on as well.
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Jim Hanson Jun 12
militias hit airport in wounding 26 civilians incl women & children The weapon was almost certainly supplied by How can anyone expect the Saudis to stop their justified fight to oust Iran from the Arabian Peninsula?
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Brits4Rights Jun 12
A teen faces the death penalty in for 'sowing sedition'... or, participating in protests when he was 10! If wants to be PM, he should act like a LEADER -- STOP kowtowing to the Saudi leadership & SPEAK OUT against this atrocity!
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Randy W. Horton Jun 13
Love this moment in 👍❤️
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Randy W. Horton Jun 16
😇 The of always bring me joy...
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Draos_Fox_Rustom Jun 17
Leaders of Arab homosexuality 👨‍❤️‍👨
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Brits4Rights Jun 17
Countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Austria have halted their defence exports to . What’s Australia and UK waiting for?
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Brits4Rights 16h
Not only does supply with weapons, it also provides the personnel and expertise required to keep the war in going.
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Babak Taghvaee Jun 12
: It is now confirmed that the 's rebels have used Soumar cruise missile (Iranian copy of Kh-55 missile) to target the Intl airport in S. today. Back on 3rd Dec. 2017, they unsuccessfully launched a Soumar at , . 👇👇
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Press TV Jun 16
Saudi Arabia secretly developing ballistic missile technology;Trump was hiding it!
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Saudi crown prince accuses rival Iran of tanker attacks
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👌সত্যের সন্ধানে 👌 16h
Such a beautiful example of love 😻 for Animals.. A security officer giving ZamZam water to a cat in Masjid Al Haram. MaShaaAllah! Islam is a religion of mercy.. ❤️ 🇸🇦
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United Securities Oman 23h
Dallah Healthcare Company (4004) is trading in Market and it is positive technical. Current price is 50.70 SAR. Currently is trading above MVA 50, 100 & 200 Days. Golden Cross between MVA 100 & 200 Target 1: 54.80 SAR Target 2: 59.70 SAR Stop Loss: Below 48.50 SAR
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Babak Taghvaee Jun 13
Replying to @BabakTaghvaee
: The Navy attack at the Oil Tankers in the Sea today can be also a response to Yesterday's Cyber attack of at No.9 Platform of in the South Pars Gas field in which resulted explosion in its generator & fire on the rig.
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Shuvo Meharab Jun 13
Stupid Goverment Also.. ... They are not Muslim..
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Abdull || 🇸🇦 Jun 16
Replying to @RoKhanna
Under the table it’s different 😂 is heading to east instead of west countries hypocrites who killed 100 millions in close years ago but the different between us they attack us and we respond
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Bandder.M.AlRefai Jun 15
We as we celebrate the 15 years anniversary ❤️
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Saudi Gazette 20h
PICTURES: Council of Ministers chaired by offered its condolence and sympathy to relatives of the victims, governments and peoples of Lebanon, Egypt, Somalia, Nigeria and Kenya, stressing 's solidarity with countries against all forms of terrorism.
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