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Henzo Pereira Aug 10
Sarri is a joke 🤒
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At this stage last season, we were already putting we had put Arsenal to their rightful level but fans were already This same stage this season and we struggling to get a point at home against Leicester but hey "You aren't a real fan" if you question the coach.
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Naveen 2h
Chelsea fans are a special breed lmao.. *Sarri had a few bad games* *Lampard 2 games into the season* Also Chelsea fans "we never have a manager for a long run and that's what's stopping us"
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Ed Baker Aug 11
That was a crazy high line Chelsea played- all 4 goals came from balls over the top/counter attacks. United didn't create anything went Chelsea sat deep
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Ian Irari 3h
Imagine Sarri subbing Pulisic for Willian? would be trending. Willian for Pulisic was a terrible sub. I truly hope the sub was "tactical" and not injury related. Because those are not the subs we can afford to make this season.
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Your Village People 3h
Where are the Team please? I want to ask them something
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leche 3h
Replying to @AlexisIsKavkas
Very fucking true because the reality is if this was sarri there would already be chants
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Boakay Foday 1h
Replying to @ChelseaFC
wHo NeedS HazaRd???
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El Tigre Aug 11
Anyone tweeting today is an dickhead....
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🤾‍♂️Arrizabalaga Poder 🙅🏿‍♂️💪🏿 💙 Aug 13
Replying to @Essygold_
because Lampard can't win yet.
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Edward ⚫⚪🦓 Aug 11
Replying to @KingIdris1111
It's time for bro
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mario germano Aug 17
Faticare a Trieste
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DeJ! Aug 11
Hope the people are happy.
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Nemzee Aug 11
Replying to @nigelchanakira
I was a strong proponent. How wrong I was....
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Aurileus FC Aug 13
Top 4 ☑️ Integrated two yute products into the XI ☑️ Pumped a rival for a trophy ☑️ Laid foundation for possession footie ☑️ Class window due to possession style ☑️ Yes he was beyond shit
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Anish Gautam Aug 11
Manchester United haven't been so brilliant yet lead 3-0 , it's going to be a long season for Chelsea and Lampard. The chanting plastic rentboys will be quiet now😬
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Rodrigo Zepeda Aug 11
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🤾‍♂️Arrizabalaga Poder 🙅🏿‍♂️💪🏿 💙 Aug 11
🙄 We are not Huddersfield please.
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Woody Aug 11
Sarri really is a rotten coach. They should give it to someone like Lampard til the end of the season.
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gerry murphy Aug 14
kante motm so far playing in his proper position 😌
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