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Eric J Jan 19
Barack Obama on Trump's 2016 win: Economic anxiety let Trump tap into an embrace of ethnic identity which pits people against each other. // I'm sure Tim Wise & Soledad O'Brien will respond that Obama misunderstands racism, as they tweeted about Bernie Sanders.
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Trey Felder 2h
Replying to @BillyBaldwin
Thanks so much for the whitesplanation. We'll go get back in line and hate Trump since you told us to. / FOH
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Vipul Shah Jan 18
Dear Why do we need RIA when so many experts available in Twitter & Telegram.
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CierraM Jan 18
Just finished recording a podcast with for his Friday show. That wasn't nerve-wracking experience at all.
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APB 2m
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veronica ruiz 12h
Leído por ahí: "Sarcasm is the healthy way to release frustration over other people's stupidity. It helps us laugh at our lives and our choices without being too precious about it"
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Jason Pries Jan 17
Replying to @MykeSmith
He usually doesn't fuck with me, we're on the same page most of the time... just kidding, don't want people to take me literally. 🤦‍♂️
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Stage 6 8h
No need to worry. NHI will solve all of these problems.
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AmericanEagle1A Jan 19
Replying to @atensnut
But her analysis is so cogent, so compelling.
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DT&theSwampRats Jan 19
Replying to @TBeto777
Before anyone misunderstands:
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Petri Olaus 7h
Rumours say . has blocked half of Twitter, mind you.
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Shitty Insults Jan 19
You conserve toilet paper by Madonna At WomenMarch...
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Matt Couch 🎙 Jan 17
BREAKING: Chris Wallace will moderate a Town Hall with Mayor Pete Buttigieg on January 26th... Fox News is coming up with some Amazing New Programming...
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Kelly Coulter Jan 18
Replying to @OkanaganTrish
Wow...seriously? What if you work in the legal Industry but choose to grow your own...and share it. What are the rules?!
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BlokkiMedia Jan 19
Vaccines are so good, people must be forced to take them against their own will. 🤔🤔🤔
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Celtic F1rst Jan 18
Replying to @steboy6
I know. 😉
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T&H Greyhound Tips Jan 17
Absoloutely speechless regarding last loss...seemed like our dog was wearing a headset in which the owner told it to blow it up These happen unfortunately - it's only an animal at the end of the day☺️ December standing:+24
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Marc Forman ⭐️ 2h
I expect my natural gas bill to fall.
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Colleen Eldracher 17h
I'm sure that will be very effective...
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Justforfootball 16h
Nope, gotta fire Zimmer because the Titans made it the AFC championship game.
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