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Sesa Balaji Oct 24
Top 6 we move 😂😂😂😂 DEfEnsIve ShApe was great 😁😁
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Dave Trotter 22h
Biden is going to win Florida by 20%. Happy now?
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Matt Lisle Oct 19
Replying to @CoachLisle
Just to clarify:
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(((fsaronson))) Oct 25
C'mon! You guys, and all of Scandinavia are socialist hell holes, where the state rules with an iron fist! At least that's what Herr Twitler tells me... Will one of you adopt me?
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NinjaCat🏒🐱 1m
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Aslam Oct 26
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Ashley Hess Oct 25
I honestly have no idea how we will ever sleep tonight without the non stop grain bin noise, the techno music going strong until the early hours of the morning & the raging drunks acting like complete imbeciles outside in 30 degree weather!
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Jürgen "jkr" Kraus 22s
Replying to @atrupar @AnnTelnaes
Reminder: "Kayleigh is an asset!" (by )
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Terry Daniel Oct 24
Replying to @nytimes
I'm sure that will help.
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Jeffrey A. Williams Oct 26
Replying to @DHS_Wolf
So that's 4 miles so far. Gee I feel so much safer now!
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Laura H. Oct 19
I’m doing GREAT!!!!! 😺
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Luke Hansen 2m
Looking ahead, if the game isn’t played, Frost better not come out and said he would have liked to have played football. They would threaten to kick us out of the B10 again!
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Aslam Oct 25
The worst thing,,,,,,🤒
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Ju Avril, Crowdfund #reclaimthenews Oct 25
Replying to @MikeCarlton01
But Corbyn was an anti-semite right ??
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Selva Ganapathy Oct 24
Just because He/She dated you for 4 years doesn’t mean He/She will marry you. My uncle studied medicine for 7 years he’s now a DJ 🤡
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Vipin Yadav Oct 25
"If riya is locked in a room" Then, she is now bandriya😝
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💕💙 Hot Mess Express Jess💙💕 21h
Time to cancel them right... that’s how this ridiculous world works isn’t it!? 🙄🙄
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Deven Martin Oct 23
Replying to @GovernorTomWolf
I feel so much safer now!
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Replying to @peterdaou
It's almost enough to make me want to vote for a 3rd party instead of voting Trump & Company out. Think about it....
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Jayanand Supali Oct 21
Replying to @ANI
What a monumental task accomplished. This autonomous Rail engine should be severely punished for killing such a Nobel animal. It's a good thing that No human was involved in this heinous act. Hope the rest of the Engines learn their lesson and excercise extreme caution.
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