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Elizabeth Dalton Aug 11
Why did you cancel ? You left it on a cliffhanger! Finish it off with a movie! Loved watching & cast!
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imaya Aug 13
I'm still mad about how they canceled the show Santa Clarita Diet
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Z.D. Bennett 13h
Ya'll remember when cancelled ? Yea, me too, unfortunately.
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Jack Aug 15
So when are you bringing back Do it already
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b r e a n n a 💕 Aug 13
Finished the rewatch and I stand my original statement should NOT have been cancelled. Come on get it together!! Drew and Timothy are fucking GOLD.
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Ellie M.I.A Aug 11
Bring back it was so much more awesome than I expected and what a brilliant season 3 cliff-hanger! If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend ♥️🤯
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Whitney Olivia Weltz Aug 13
Amazing shows like and get cancelled so you can give $200 million to these buffoons? Fuck that I'm cancelling !!!!
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Sarah Hay 21h
The tv show is pretty funny
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K✨ Aug 15
The stone in my nectarine looked like Mr.Balllegs and I nearly shit myself
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Digital Spy Aug 16
Drew Barrymore's next TV project revealed following cancellation on Netflix:
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Kristina G. Aug 15
I just found out that was cancelled a few months ago and I am so saddened. 😢
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(((AGalaxys))) Aug 16
So gives us 5 seasons of but cancelled 🤬🤬
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Kelley Gleeson Aug 16
I feel like you’re Batman AND Robin... and I’m Alfred.
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Mordred Carver #SaveSantaClaritaDiet #SaveTheOA Aug 13
Replying to @netflix
Still salty that ruined the ending of for fans globally... and for me
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blair Aug 10
cancels anything worth watching, so now we will never know what happens in and I will forever resent nexflix. And possibly cancel, since they keep taking away good shows.
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🕊Ray.Christopher🕊 23h
Dinner is on the stove , and got the going on...🤗🤗
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Sarah Hay 3h
Replying to @SarahxHay
Drew Barrymore’s hair is a character in itself, cant stop staring at it
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Keith, writer of THE REALITY comics Aug 15
Cancelled in Jan. cuz I'd been bored w/the offerings. Now that new stuff, & seasons, are up, I'm back. And bc I'm a human w/a brain, 1st thng I'm watching is (& stole the show in her 1st scene).
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Alexis Garcia Aug 16
Replying to @katisdumbstupid
I wish they didn't cancel
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Bexit18 Aug 15
Is there a petition already to get renewed forever?! If not, I’ll start it.
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