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Dave Eagle Jun 24
Life's hard. NCT daddy friend dropped dead last night at 38, another good friend in chemo for tonsil cancer. Both have young children.
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Mark Donnelly 12h
Replying to @Grazer10
😥 I'll miss you
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Beatnik69 14h
Setting off this morning, the bike felt odd. Glanced down, flat rear tyre. No time to change it so had to drive. ☹️
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SmithsFreakery (formerly MozFreakery) 2h
I see people are all over Twitter again twisting themselves into all sorts of pretzel shapes to defend the indefensible. 🥨 🥨 🥨
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The fabulous Charlotte who's worked for us for over 2 years will be leaving us soon to move away! There are so many things we're going to miss. If you have anything you'd like to speak to Charlotte about make sure you do it soon.
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Soray-Gracieee 👸🏽 Jun 25
All my friends have gone to Newcastle, my family has gone on holiday and left me and Charles is working everyday! Feels like I’m going crazy!
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Breckyn Timings Jun 23
Guys, these are . Yesterday, I had 7 followers👍, and now I have 6👎
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Robb Tong Jun 20
Made it , but non of the coffee shops are open!!!
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Sarah Jones (Bobby) Jun 25
Didn't me to crush a snail, didn't see it in the dark. 😭
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Donna Haines Jun 25
Walked my daughter to school this morning. It’s really sad to see the amount of parents (mainly females) that spent more time looking at their phones then concentrating on where they were going and where their children were. What are we teaching our children 🙁
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Rest in peace Etika your personality and enthusiasm will never be forgotten 😭😭😭
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⚽stace toon⚽ Jun 25
Twitter got me feeling like ....
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Nikki 1h
Watching old videos as when I go into labour I wont have wifi
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Molly Storm Writes Jun 25
Replying to @TrudieSkies
I have done this before. I did it with two bottles of Dr Pepper in Greggs. I dropped both, at the same time, they were two Catherine wheels of sticky.
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Jonny Phillips 4h
Replying to @_emmamyles @OITNB
I can't believe the end is near!!.
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joanna nicolas Jun 23
One after the other on my Twitter feed. Why is there so much hatred and anger? Why do people feel they can say things like this?
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Adele Torkington Jun 24
saying goodbye to pharmacy teams and today. It’s going to be a hard week
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Kay 19h
I just want to go to the gym and lift heavy things. But being sick and body aches are keeping me from doing that
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iKevin 14h
Thinking about the happier days, how it’s all historical now.
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Jenny Price Jun 21
Modern day living, 12 year old and fellow pupils were all security checked for knives upon arrival at school 😔
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