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Connor 1m
Dem voter energy surged too early and they really don't have a cohesive movement like the Republicans do. Could be wrong on that especially with the new voter reg but...
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NC 8m
. Perfect storm upon our chronic patients. Its too late in the yr. Elderly w chronic conditions will be most impacted. phone by my desk for patients to call when this happens. They will need your help navigating thru this.
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Patrik [No C] Walker 5h
The will have more than $70 million in 2019 cap space & some of you are really trying to convince yourself Cole Beasley needs to do more to get something he's already earned, and is still earning. Lack of isn't because of drops. He's always open, and inhales targets.
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Al 3h
Earning for selling my stuff on ! Join me using code "BMHNGL" for an extra 25 XNK. I just listed this: 2017-18 Topps Salute Aaron Judge Rookie Baseball card -73
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bob joe 5h
Replying to @NateSilver538
Could you try running the model without fundraising numbers to see its results? I think off-the-chart fundraising are distorting reality a bit, I don't think you can say Dems are really 85% favorites
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Hockey Reference 1h
Answer ?s like "How do Auston Matthews' career per-game compared to Evgeni Malkin's first 3 NHL seasons" in the Play Index
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Karen Winters 2h
6M of my people were slaughtered during WWII. They're call White, Christian, European; mostly Russian & German. The Jews' 6M # is from a prophecy, not actual . Even the Holocaust Museums have downgraded this #. Either your don't know or you're a liar.
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Voice It Oct 15
SAPS please hand them over to the community, they didnt give the 2 security guards and option to live. They should face the same fate!!! (Assuming it is these 2 F##) RT : They were arrested in Klipspruit Soweto apparently.
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Mizz👠 2h
Replying to @JoJoWhybrow
Did they tell you they are coming to arrest you? What bunch of idiots. Thing is no one can track their . So many people fall for it, esp newcomers to canada
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carmen 9h
Replying to @frankart42
though some will point out just like Browns its the JuJu effect
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Brian Fortner 36m
Replying to @_J4EZ @EverydayFFB
How is Kamara not producing? He has over 650 total yards and 6 total tds while averaging 4.8 ypc and 9.2 ypr. Those are producing to me. And in ppr leagues(what I play) he is 4th in rb points. And his team is 4-1.
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Sean 20m
Replying to @kidzrevil
I'd be interested in seeing their viewership compared to MTV
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Tebello Tenyane 7h
Love this new Andile 😂😂😂 ’bari
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Danny Wallace Oct 14
Today’s podcast is coming soon.
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Hay.kam 🍍✨ 7h
Let the game begin! 🎱?? Anyone ! 👀 $1 games ONLY! Dm me
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Tishma Technologies 12h
Visit us at booth -1551 and meet TT-1200, compact case packer, ideal for new/ small businesses that are looking to increase their performance without compromising valuable floor space!
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Camaiani & Prevost 12h
Identifying & practising our listening skills, our students are doing a wonderful job playing the “Number Dab” game!!
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nogod 6h
sell everything &P500
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Rob Bautista 39m
To cook each chicken, the cut its neck and all its blood drip into a small bowl until the body is dry and lifeless. They remove all the feathers by hand and let the body roast over the fire for a bit before chopping it all up and cooking it fried. . .
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Rachel Campos-Duffy Oct 12
Wow! Liberals totally freaking out about Kanye. Media/Hollywood shaming & social enforcement in high gear. Free thinking minorities will be punished, ridiculed & made an example for other potential dissenters. Yet, Hispanic/Black Trump approval climbing. I smell fear.
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