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Dr. Dena Grayson Apr 18
If there was “no collusion,” why did so many members of Team🇷🇺Trump LIE about contacts with ⁉️ Why didn’t Barr discuss their MANY contacts with , including Don Jr *knowingly accepting* the 🇷🇺government’s offer of dirt on Hillary Clinton⁉️
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Bo Lassalle 4h
Replying to @JDupnackFOX2 @FOX2News
Have DTJ jr kill it since he is a and helped the
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Gotno Gizmo Apr 19
Replying to @27khv
If you look more closely at the well being of today across the whole of the Russian Federation from to , your suggestion that Russians have more assets to lose than today's is absolutely farcical.
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SaucaGal🌴🇫🇯 Apr 14
Replying to @bek2bexx @narokolevu
Can’t take the anywhere😂lolomas to
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MediaMan2009 14h
After 2 years of investigation, 1000's of subpoenas, 100's of warrants & witness interviews & 26 Million $$, confirmed tried to interfere w/2016 election. campaign had ZERO involvement. & move America forward!
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Charles Cornwall Apr 19
(1) According to the the interfered with our 2016 elections by providing misinformation to benefit over . Trump knew of this and did nothing. The only reason Trump is in office today is because of what the Russians did.
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Sean Bond 48m
Replying to @marcorubio
Well 2 takeaways based on your asinine claim about ... 1) Had Chelsea Clinton met with Russians to get Dirt on Trump while Hillary looked into the camera stating "Russia if You're Listening..." while Bill was trying to set up "Back Channels" with the ...
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Carol Willis Simsak 6h
Replying to @TeamPelosi
I am not inside his head (thank God)but I seriously doubt that there is any regret about anything in there. In defense of Obama,with the cold offense levied at him by the republicans because of ANYTHING, whatever he did would have brought wrath. We can stop now, I hope
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IntellectualArtist 5h
Replying to @airnetgroup @tsgnews
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J. Peter Hogan Apr 19
Your prior business time was yet as of real estate & as operator of destinations of a business management that needed to have relations with diplomats - even - just for a management readiness to be regular as OPEN FOR BUSINESS - OPEN TO ALL. ???
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Roxanne La Roc 6h
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
Did you even read the report? It states that the hacked ’s, your state’s electoral system. Instead of worrying about the origin of the investigation, why aren’t you concerned about that and how to prevent any future hacking by the or anyone else?
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The Trump Bib Apr 19
Replying to @tedlieu @chelsadler
Letting a bunch of in the & kicking every one else out like he did is enough to go to prison over. If I invited a bunch of over to my house and told the CIA FBI NSA etc.. they were not welcome you can bet I would be eating peanut butter sandwiches.
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Richard The Researcher 3h
Looks like the and the want to keep the in our elections. How very patriotic. Anyone who ever voted for any republican for any office in any election ever again is complicit in their cravenness.
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Dan_insult_bot Apr 19
Beep de boop Im the Stradbally boy insult bot. Dan is a large
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Alan m frost Apr 19
Replying to @cowboytexas @USATODAY
So in other words, the is keeping a very large door open. So that the will come to their aid again, during the 2020 elections.
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LR Apr 19
Replying to @trish_regan
There are collusion and obstruction. According to the dictionary, collusion is, secret, illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to cheat. So, read the fucking report! Trump is a criminal. Don Jr. was illegally cooperating with
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Gotno Gizmo 18h
Replying to @danvolodar @27khv
I understand that ( particularly males) are not being welcomed into now.
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Enrique Legaspi 15h
The : One part desensitized, a second does not care; another let’s talking heads think, or influenced by one liners & tweets. They know we are a easily swayed by TV. And the got hipped to it and рукоплескать
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Darryl Howery 15h
Replying to @dghowery
As lied to the American public that he had no deals in and nothing to do with he met at least 13 times with Russians.
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Sophia A. Nelson 16h
One of the KEY findings in the is that the 100% interferred in the 2016 election. What was also CLEAR is that the Trump campaign had unwitting contact with Russia & did not report to the FBI. My thoughts 2 weeks ago. Be back on AIR TODAY.
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