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mom2werogers 2h
Please don’t leave multiple 100lb plates on the leg press.
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Wyoming (MN) Police Jun 17
Can we take a moment to acknowledge how ungrateful snapping turtles are? We pull them out of the road to keep them from getting run over and in return they try and bite our leg off.
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Kulvinder singh Jun 17
Stop calling are you guys gundas? ...
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Vipul Malik 4h
[1/3] Listing the amount of times has frustrated me to the point of boycotting it. 1. Never get a share cab. Bought a share pass and haven't got a single ride till date (Image Attached) . From 26th May, I have taken 12 cab rides with none of them being Ola.
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Philip Sayre Jun 13
Is it just me or is getting a “thumbs up” or someone just “reacting” to a text you sent ? If I can send you somethin to say I’m thinking of you...say a word...say SOMETHING. If you wished me happy birthday on the street & I look u in the eye & give a thumbs up...smack me.
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Catt Fanelli 14h
So sleeping beauty can sleep for god knows how long and she’s considered a beautiful princess. I sleep for more than a day and I’m considered “clinically depressed”?!
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Dermot Foley 18h
She’s good on a flute I heard
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Abigail 9h
Replying to @BlakeeSmith
Wow couldn’t stop in and say hey
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Nick Dutton 9m
I think I found my calling. Thanks ! Now to get over my ...
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Willow Productions 16h
Can you believe someone cut down a forest to make a gun shop!
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I love staying at but I really think the bar should have rules that people can’t put their baggage on chairs while they drink. Especially when I’m traveling with my husband and we can’t sit together at the bar.
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Akash Jun 13
So this was your delivery executive who was so rude on the phone.When I asked him to Climb down to 3rd status he not only denied and said "Whatever you want to do you can do I don't give a damn and I will not come".I would req u to take some action s against this.
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A Real Genuine Idiot Jun 12
Nazis are the worst. They plan their dumb rallies in July. Now I've gotta go outside in July and protest dumb Nazis. No consideration.
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❤️Strange Love 💚 13h
Replying to @_glamyrandah
Well fuck my three dollars straight to hell huh.
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Can I have your attention!! I think the most disrespectful thing to do is hang up on someone! So today Monique Nicole hung up on me and I think it’s terrible. I wouldn’t do that to ANYONE 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 ...
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Kurt Bettles 6h
apologies I was in a world of my own....
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Mill Cats 58m
Replying to @LovelyLarryCat
Larry, we think that is of them. They should be honored to have such a handsome guy talk to them. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 😻💕🐾
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Emily O'Neal Jun 17
Replying to @megandhi_oneal
Offended you didn't buy me a pair
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Lasagnasaurus 45m
i'm scared of heights. last time i fell from a rock and my body made a big splat all over, and people started eating me
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lil Vee Jun 14
How is going to go through my checked luggage so aggressively (everything I had was out of place when I opened it) AND BREAK MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER.
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