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Lilly Adam 2h
A beautiful historical read, guaranteed to keep you turning the pages. A heart-warming epic.
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†å†¥  Låmê¢k 🕷 Nov 26
Album 💿 Track its available on
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jaye marie & anita dawes Nov 29
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Russia 🇷🇺 Nov 23
📕 is a 🌊 sea novel, created in 1923. It's the most famous work of Alexander Grinevsky aka Alexander Grin. ⛵ This optimistic 🇷🇺 Russian for adults & children alike is about dreams coming true, no matter how far-reached they may seem
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The characters are well-handled with a well structured plot. Grab a copy of "The Six Loves of Jack Brown" now. available at Amazon -->
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visit Hamburg 22h
An evening through our beautiful can be very 😍 Pic by kirstenvenegas
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EcstasyCoffee 9h
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Daddys lil goddess Nov 23
is it weird that I love this lunchpal my gf got me?
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hotreads Nov 23
Taking Control…“Short and not at all sweet, fantastic sinfully steamy omega-verse” ~Amazon reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Nathalie Neuherz Nov 30
First time on German TV ❤️ Christmas Getaway ❤️ Next Sunday (6th December)
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Virginia K. Wallace Nov 24
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Love Writers Bibliophiles Nov 24
If you love with a theme, you’ll fall in love with Eden Monroe’s Emerald Valley Ranch books. As luck would have it the first book in the series is currently priced at just $1.49 for Kindle! But hurry this is a limited offer.
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클깅 💫 Nov 23
Replying to @CRAVITY_twt
[TRANS] luvity~did you have lunch already!! on the way home, i made eye contact with the fish shaped bread…ㅎㅎ it was romantic...
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Victoria Cornwall 7h
Join me on author's Morton S. Gray's this week where I tell you about:- An Ornament I Love via
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Adam Wollerton 🏳️‍🌈 Nov 24
Managed to pinch a little time this afternoon to tap our a few more words in ! I crossed the 12k word count mark and also started the chapter in which my two leading boys will meet 👬🏳️‍🌈💙 🌈
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A second chance story that will reel you in. Grab a copy of "Addicted to You" now. available at Amazon -->
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Trisha Jackson Nov 28
CAPRICORN CRAVINGS – Absolutely chilling Something dark and sinister is taking place, and it all started on the day hunky Powell Stewart, with the piercing blue eyes, came into her life in a strange and unexpected way.
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The witch’s heart is cold, filled with a cauldron of secrets untold. Grab a copy of "A Witch's Tale" now. available at Amazon -->
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Margaret Kaine Nov 25
'This author has an amazing insight into feelings of the heart.' ROSEMARY
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Katryen Nov 24
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